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[The List]: The SmSh Random Holiday Gift Guide, 2-0-1-7

If you haven’t started shopping yet, here are 21 gift ideas to get the giving going, from stocking stuffers for the office party to new gadgets for your special somebody.
2017-12-11 17:57:06

It's the most wonderful time of the year, which means it's time to show just how much (or little) you care, with a gift. We've got a range of products here to please all the people on your list with options to suit your budget.

Merry Christmas, Shanghai! Look at all the shiny new things!


Anker PowerCore Slim: 198rmb


For the woman or man on the go, the Anker PowerCore Slim is a thin portable charger for your phone or tablet that sticks to its back. Compatible with Apple, Android, and generic tablets. if Anker sounds familiar, it might be because they have become the charging solution of your fav bar. You can order one up for 198rmb on Anker’s official website.

Click and Grow Smart Garden: 699rmb


Click and Grow's Smart Herb Garden is not connected to the internet, but is “smart” because it monitors the plants with sensors and adjusts growing conditions accordingly. So you can grow the perfect herbs with minimal effort. Just add some water and plug it in. The whole set is sold for 699rmb on Taobao.

One Plus 5T: 2,999rmb


The One Plus 5T is one of the best valued smartphones of the year according to tech publications like CNET and Wired. It’s got a bigger screen and takes better photos in low light than its predecessor. Pick one up for 2,999rmb on the official official site, also check out the Star Wars edition.

Sugarmat: 499-699rmb


Sugarmats are fancy yoga-mat-sweat-towel hybrids in chic designs straight from Canada; the store just opened two weeks ago so chances are the yogi in your life won’t already have one. You can get your mat at the store, prices ranging from 499-699rmb with a 20% discount until Christmas.

Shanghai Literary Review: 100rmb


Here’s something to bring home to answer that question, "But what’s Shanghai really like?" It's a collection of short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art all about and published in Shanghai. To purchase, you can visit their website, or go to Madame Mao's Dowry. Each issue alone costs 100rmb, but if you buy issues 1 & 2 together you can grab both for 165rmb. The launch party for the second edition is set December 16 but if you want to get your copy before, email directly.

Feiyue Sneakers: 85rmb


Starting at just 85rmb you can bring some Feiyues back for loved ones and be received as a hero. If you're sticking around Shanghai you can go into Culture Matters and check out their hand-painted selection of shoes (prices vary depending on design). They've got Star Wars-themed ones conveniently timed for the upcoming China release.

BB-8 Droid and The Force Wristband: 1,198rmb


Speaking of Star Wars... here’s a fun toy for kids and nerds alike! Star Wars character droids: BB-8, R2-D2, and BB-9E for 1,198rmb that can be controlled with an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch—or Sphero also sells a Star-Warsy wristbands that control the droids separately (for about 530rmb). These ARE the droids you're looking for!

Hot Box Gift Set: 200rmb


Who needs chocolate? Get the gift of spice with four bottles of Hot Box handcrafted original sauces. This set will come with a bonus gift card for 12 Box Wings, because surprise Hot Box is doing wings now (starting sometime this week). Set costs 200rmb and can be purchased in store or via wechat: kobecui6.

ROLI Lightpad Block M: 1,628rmb


ROLI Lightpad Block M is a synthesizer for producing quality music with a tactile, pressure-sensitive surface. It also lights up, future EDM superstar! Pick one up for 1,628rmb at the Apple store.

Gentle Monster Sunglasses: 1,200-2,500rmb


Pricey but cool designer shades for that upcoming beach vacation, or just to block UV rays in style. They run from 1,200rmb to 2,500rmb, and you can check out their flagship on Huaihai Zhong Lu or shop online.

Kindle Paperwhite X Summer Palace: 1,266rmb


Here’s a set that comes with the Kindle Paperwhite and a Summer Palace Edition case that’s only available in China. There are four designs available, all for 1,266rmb on Amazon.

Senlab Candles: 148rmb


Tell someone you love them and also that their house kind of smells! These are long lasting in several scents from lemongrass to lavender, and they've got handmade soaps as well. The unique packaging can be repurposed once the candles run out or refilled in store at Eco Shop. You can also purchase them on Taobao. Candles start at 148rmb.

Exploding Kittens: 60rmb


A card game that got its break from a Kickstarter. It's kind of like if Cards Against Humanity and Uno had a love child -- there are magical enchiladas, boob wizards, and kittens that can kill you. Makes sense! Order on Taobao for 60rmb.

Call Me By Your Name: 112rmb


The best selling novel by André Aciman is a coming of age story depicting a romance between a 17 year old Elio and his father’s intern Oliver. The novel was made into a film released this year. Good for a winter read before checking out the movie. You can buy on Amazon for 112rmb.

The Gent Box: 198-238rmb per month


The Gent Box takes the choosing out of choosing a gift for the special man in your life. You can sign up for a subscription, either 198rmb a month for 12 months, 218rmb for 6 months, or 238 for 1 month. He will then receive a box of 6-8 men's fashion items each month. Pretty slick. Check out the detail on their site.

Bartender Starter Kit: 379rmb


Amazon for about 379rmb. Also might be nice to pair the set with some liquor to get them started down their road to inevitable fame and fortune.

Muji Gloves: 160rmb


Warm hands, warm heart. Muji Gloves never fail as a practical gift on a budget. Wool in gray and red with sensors on thumb, index, and middle finger so they're easy to use with your smartphone. Get them online for 160rmb.

iPhone Chocolate: 42rmb


It's an iPhone...oh wait no, it's chocolate. Here's a prank gift for friend or coworker that won't leave a bad taste in their mouth. Eh? Eh? Yeah. From Taobao costs 45rmb.

Livetech Scarf: 499rmb


Fashion meets function with Livetech's Air Purification Scarf, on sale online for 499rmb. These scarves are engineered in Germany and specifically designed to combat the problem polluted air. Learn more on their official site.

Electra Bike: 4,900-25,900rmb


Electra is the bike of the celebrities, with beach cruisers that have been molded into a very pretty status symbol. You can read all about what Electra's got right here. Bikes come at celebrity prices, ranging from around 4,900rmb to a 25,900rmb, their shop is on Tianping Lu.

Spa Package: 1,300-2,200rmb


There are lots of places to pamper yourself in Shanghai. For a special gift, a nice option is Water's Edge inside Park Hyatt Shanghai. They got spa packages starting at 1,300rmb and after the treatment you can enjoy access to the hotel's pool and jacuzzi. Check out all the packages right here.


Happy shopping, y'all!