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    GoEast Mandarin

    3 locations in Shanghai:

    5435 6358
    • GoEast Mandarin Shanghai
    • GoEast Mandarin Shanghai
    • GoEast Mandarin Shanghai
    With a campus near Shanghai Library and a campus in Yangpu, GoEast Mandarin offers courses such as preparing for HSK exams, focus on characters, survival Chinese, spoken Chinese (to help you chat with friends), and business Chinese. Like most...
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    Zotter Chocolate Theatre

    Bldg 9, Shanghai International Fashion Center,
    2866 Yangshupu Lu,
    near Neijiang Lu

    杨树浦路2866号9号楼, 近内江路

    6139 0150
    • Zotter Chocolate Theatre Shanghai
    • Zotter Chocolate Theatre Shanghai
    • Zotter Chocolate Theatre Shanghai
    This unique concept combines chocolate production, a tasting tour, a chocolate shop and a Viennese style cafe by Austrian "bean-to-bar" chocolate maker known for its organic and fair trade principles. They offer a wide range of chocolates, too,...
    Indoor Activities
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    Jiahui Health (Yangpu)

    1-2/F, Bldg 3, 99 Jiangwancheng Lu,
    near Minfu Lu

    江湾城路99号3号楼1-2楼, 近民府路

    400 868 3000
    • Jiahui Health (Yangpu) Shanghai
    • Jiahui Health (Yangpu) Shanghai
    • Jiahui Health (Yangpu) Shanghai
    Located in northeast Shanghai, Jiahui Yangpu is the second branch operated by Jiahui Health. The clinic works collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, aiming to provide convenient, professional and international medical services to both...
    Dental Care
    Hospitals & Clinics
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    YouYouSpace Relocation

    1/F, 800 Guoshun Dong Lu,
    near Shuangyang Bei Lu

    国顺东路800号东楼1楼, 近双阳北路

    158 2103 0431
    • YouYouSpace Relocation Shanghai
    • YouYouSpace Relocation Shanghai
    • YouYouSpace Relocation Shanghai
    This moving, relocation and self-storage service company has a mom & pop feel with great, personalized service. They've been around for over 10 years, have their own packers, movers and trucks, calling themselves a "door-to-door" service. That...
    Moving & Relocation
  • Gongqing Forest Park

    2000 Jungong Lu, near Nenjiang lu,

    军工路2000号, 近嫩江路

    6574 0586
    Though a bit far from downtown, Gongqing Park is a wooded wonderland split into a north and south portion. The northern section is the much larger "Forest Park," with little...
    Gongqing Forest Park Shanghai
  • Fudan International School

    325 Guoquan Lu, near Siping Lu

    国权路325号, 近四平路

    6510 7760
    In 1950, Fudan University in Shanghai, China founded the High School Affiliated to Fudan University (FDFZ). In 2002, FDFZ expanded by establishing its International Division,...
    Fudan International School Shanghai
  • Andersen Fairytale Theme Park

    200 Guohong Lu, near Zhengcheng Lu

    国泓路200号, 近政澄路

    5525 2957
    81,000 square-meter castle and amusement park inspired by the writings of Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen, in New Jiangwan City in Yangpu District. It’s your...
    Andersen Fairytale Theme Park Shanghai
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  • Hello Corgi

    8/F, 26 Jinchuang Lu, near Daxue Lu

    锦创路26号8楼, 近大学路

    136 2187 0700 / 173 1724 9109
    Part of the unsettling dog-shaped-food trend of late 2018, Hello Corgi at least has the benefit of featuring actual (non-edible) corgis to accompany your corgi-themed snack and...
    Hello Corgi Shanghai
  • Neo Bar

    1/F, 333 Guoding Lu, near Handan Lu

    国定路333号1楼, 近邯郸路

    186 0177 2329
    Live music bar up near Fudan University. A regular on the indie gig circuit.
    Live Music
  • Haoledi (Wujiaochang)

    Wanda Mall 3/F, 58 Guobin Lu, near Handan Lu


    6311 5858
    Popular, kitschy but very serviceable KTV chain with roughly a billion locations around Shanghai.
    Hot Pot
  • Jonas' Design

    Wu Wei Creative Park, Bldg 15, 1436 Jungong Lu, near Xiangyin Lu

    军工路1436号15栋, 近翔殷路

    134 7275 4027
    Jonas' Design Shanghai
    Furniture Shops
  • OB/GYN Hospital of Fudan University (Yangpu)

    128 Shenyang Lu, near Meizhou Lu

    沈阳路128号, 近眉州路

    5762 2811
    The Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University (Shanghai Red House Ob & Gyn Hospital) is a major teaching hospital of Fudan University that specializes in women and...
    Baby & Children
    Hospitals & Clinics
    Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Wujiaochang Champion Rink

    7/F, Bailian New Era Mall, 8 Songhu Lu, Yangpu district

    五角场冠军溜冰场, 淞沪路8号 杨浦区百联又一城7

    6548 3358
    Up on the northside in a Yangpu mall is the Wujiaochang Champion Rink. It's on the smaller side, coming in at 800sqm. The crowd is mostly families and students that live in the...
    Wujiaochang Champion Rink Shanghai
    Ice Skating
  • icootoo

    4/F, 1399 Pingliang Lu, near Ningguo Lu

    平凉路1399号4楼, 近宁国路

    2023 0015
    Office location of Coo-Too, an online service that provides customizable printed goods; photobooks, calendars, canvas prints, panel prints, posters, etc. They're also launching...
    Printing Services
    Online Shopping
  • StorHub

    1581 Changyang Lu, near Huangxing Lu

    长阳路1581号, 近黄兴路

    400 821 3150
    Based out of Singapore, this self-storage operator only has one flagship location in Shanghai, but is hoping to expand soon to more convenient spots. With the warehouse in...