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    1/F, Bldg B, Zhongshan International Plaza,
    789 Tianshan Xi Lu,
    near Xiehe Lu

    中山国际广场B幢1层, 天山西路789号, 近协和路

    400 8218 929
    • CieCAS Shanghai
    CieCAS is a dual education provider focusing on food and beverage professional development. They offer classes for professionals and for food and beverage lovers (semi-professionals). In addition, they provide specialized classes on restaurant...
    Cooking Schools
    Social & Recreation
  • Jing'an Sports Center

    151 Kangding Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    康定路151号, 近江宁路

    6272 7277
    This is a large, modern complex with various fitness facilities, including an indoor swimming pool which often hosts professional competitions. Built in the last five years, the...
    Jing'an Sports Center Shanghai
    Social & Recreation
    Health and Wellness
    Jing'an District
  • Wanna Travel

    1401 Kangding Lu, near Yuyao Lu

    康定路1401号, 近余姚路

    137 6488 4661
    Competitively priced travel agency specializing in Shanghai weekenders for expats. English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese-speaking guides available for getaways like...
    Wanna Travel Shanghai
    Jing'an District
  • Shanghai Hash House Harriers

    Shanghai Indoor Stadium 873 Tianyaoqiao Lu

    The Shanghai Hash House Harriers go on a run every single Sunday, and have been doing so for over 20 years. Because of frequent stops, they say "anybody can do the run" -- at...
    Shanghai Hash House Harriers Shanghai
    Sport Groups
    Social & Recreation
  • Huijia Board Game Cafe (Shanghai Stadium)

    2899 Xietu Lu, near Yingye Jie

    斜土路2899号, 近影业街

    3356 1165
    A board game place which offers private rooms.
    Social & Recreation
  • Podcast Brunch Club

    291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu

    富民路291号, 近长乐路

    Podcast Brunch Club is like a book club, but for podcasts. There are chapters all over the world that meet each month to discuss a set of 3-4 podcast episodes around a selected...
    Podcast Brunch Club Shanghai
    Social & Recreation
  • Shanghai Cycling

    Routes varies according to different riding group/activities

    Shanghai cycling posts different riding group activities. Daily! Their official website has information including the riding calendar, featured rides, their rules and don'ts and...
    Sport Groups
    Social & Recreation
  • Community Center Shanghai

    3 locations in Shanghai:

    3382 1770
    Community Center Shanghai was founded in 1998 by a few expat families in partnership with Concordia International School. They operate as a not-for-profit organization that...
    Community Center Shanghai Shanghai
    Social & Recreation
  • Community Center Shanghai Counseling Center

    B1/F, 1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

    淮海中路1500号B1层, 近乌鲁木齐路

    3631 7474
    The Community Center Shanghai is a good choice for affordable mental health care. They can connect you to a team of international, experienced counselors, and clinical...
    Social & Recreation
  • Moyan Pandeng (Nanjing Dong Lu)

    340 Hankou Lu, near Shandong Zhong Lu

    汉口路340号, 近山东中路

    400 675 7599
    A rockclimbing place for both beginners and experts.
    Social & Recreation
  • Shanghai Ultimate Players Association

    Jing'an Worker's Stadium, Century Park, Shanghai Community Sports Club, Tongji University and Fudan University

    The Shanghai Ultimate Players Association (SUPA) is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes ultimate frisbee in Shanghai. Throughout the year, SUPA secures fields...
    Shanghai Ultimate Players Association Shanghai
    Sport Groups
    Social & Recreation
  • Active Sports Active Social

    300 Yuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Nan Lu

    愚园路300号, 近乌鲁木齐南路

    139 1731 6770
    Co-ed sports organization that hosts leagues in several sports, including football, basketball and (as far as we know), the only Archery Battle league in the city.
    Active Sports Active Social Shanghai
    Sport Groups
    Social & Recreation
    Jing'an District
  • FitFam

    FitFam is a free fitness community. They believe fitness is a fundamental need for long term health and should be accessible to everyone regardless of their background and...
    FitFam Shanghai
    Sport Groups
    Social & Recreation
  • Shanghai 1 - 1 Language Exchange

    Venues change based on individuals making their own appointments with others.

    A newly formed community that allows people to find 1-1 language exchange partners. Their WeChat group in Beijing had up to 200 and the Shanghai group is still expanding. 
    Shanghai 1 - 1 Language Exchange Shanghai
    Language Exchange
    Culture & Diversity
    Social & Recreation
  • Shanghai Hockey Club

    201 Yunlian Lu, near Liuhe Lu

    云莲路201号, 近浏河路

    136 0171 9841
    The Shanghai Hockey Club is one of China's biggest premiere amateur hockey leagues. They've got two divisions of play, competitive and recreational, so players of all...
    Shanghai Hockey Club Shanghai
    Social & Recreation