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Jiahui International Hospital 嘉会国际医院

Jiahui International Hospital 嘉会国际医院

689 Guiping Lu,
near Qinjiang Lu

Xuhui District


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400 868 3000
10 mins walk from  Caohejing Hi-Tech Park
ID: Jiahui-Health-Eng

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Mar 9, 2020
Jiahui Health is a series of clinics providing family medicine and specialist medical services. All other clinics in the chain, while perfectly nice, pale in comparison to this massive, 500-bed international hospital Jiahui has built in Xuhui. It looks like something picked up and transplanted from, I don't know, a wealthy east coast American city, which makes sense — it's a collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital. You never want to end up in the emergency room but if you do, and your insurance covers it, this 24/7 English-speaking ER is among the best in Shanghai.

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