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U Smarty Pants Studio

Language Schools
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio
  • U Smarty Pants Studio

U Smarty Pants Studio

Language Schools
  • 18-40, 858 Wanhangdu Lu,
    near WudingXi Lu

    Jing'an District


    Inside: Jing'an Lishe
    10 mins from Jiangsu Rd
    136 5650 5464
    Open Since Jan 2013

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Aug 3, 2022
    Bilingual institution based in central Shanghai, which offers tailored Mandarin classes. Not only do they teach grammar / vocabulary on textbooks, but also focus on practical stuff ranging from dealing with banks and official documents, to defending yourself in an argument in daily life. Their methodology is developed through repeated process of practicing, questioning and adjusting. They will help you understand Chinese podcasts / TV programs; navigate Chinese websites; communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers from all walks of life, etc. The classes are all small sized, and mostly are 1 on 1.

    Self Introduction

    We are a bilingual school/studio based in Shanghai that offers tailor-made Mandarin courses. 

    Have you ever encountered trivial things that are just unnecessarily difficult: renting apartments, dealing with banks and official documents, traveling. As a beginner, books just seem distant and irrelevant and you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you already know quite a lot, but still get basic sentence structures wrong. You are tired of hearing “this is how we say it, just remember it”, but you don’t know how to improve. If you already feel pretty comfortable getting around and you want to take a step up, but the subtleties between vocabularies are so difficult to crack. You want to be eloquent on more sophisticated topics but could find no one to guide you.

    Never the case with us. We feel you, and we are here to help you conquer. Only one class,  you’ll see that we have an established methodology that’s straight-forward, efficient and fun, so you don’t have to stumble in the dark anymore. 

    With U Smarty Pants, you will be able to watch Chinese news, TV shows; navigate Chinese websites and mobile apps; communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers from all walks of life without difficulty. Before you know it, you might be negotiating with clients in Chinese; making a presentation in front of a big Chinese audience; communicating with your friends or partner on another level.


    • Facts
      Campuses in Shanghai
      1 Campus
      Grades Offered
      All levels
      Primary Language
      Languages Taught


    • Students
      Student Age
      15 and above
      Number of Students
      International Students
    • Curriculum

      Class Design

      U Smarty Pants Studio helps students map out Chinese language structure and build a solid vocabulary foundation. Students are instructed to apply what they’ve learned into life and work scenarios. Students are guided to express ideas and opinions regarding topics of their interest. Class also incorporates interesting facts and stories to help students establish an extensive understanding of Chinese culture, history, economy, society, people’s lifestyle, as well as how language plays a profound role in all these aspects.


      Onsite and online

      Most of our students have class onsite. We create a homey and comfy environment where students could be temporarily isolated from outside distractions, possibly stress too, thus attribute their full attention to language learning.

      For students at other locations (outside of Shanghai), or in case of extreme weather and crazy traffic, we also provide online classes. We strongly recommend students to take classes in person because our classrooms are simply awesome.

    • Teaching Staff

      With 10 years of teaching experience, U Smarty Pants Studio has created an unconventional teaching style that carries a fusion of cultures and perspectives. They have developed a mature methodology through repeated practicing, questioning, and adjusting.


      For beginners, they help you unravel this language that’s different from what you’re used to. By building up a systematic learning method, they guide you to approach this language as how a Chinese would.


      For intermediate students, they are obsessed with training your muscle memory, making speaking and writing in Chinese a nature engrained in your reflexes.


      For advanced students, they help you crack the subtleties in vocabulary and expressions. Doesn’t matter what your profession is, or in what occasion you will be using Chinese, there’ll always be your tailor-made class.


      Although passing the HSK exams is not their top priority, the students who chose to take the exam all received scores above 270.

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