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Tired of saying 听不懂 [tīng bù dǒng] all the time?
2022-02-16 12:00:00

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We’ll teach you a smart and funny line to deal with ANY awkward situations.

So who are we?

We are a bilingual school/studio based in Shanghai that offers tailor-made Mandarin courses.

You must have wondered, you’ve been in China for a while, why your life has sort of changed, but perhaps not significantly?

Here’s a question.

If we are spending less than 10% on self-growth, take a guess what’s the chance of elevating our life quality in the long term.

We make sure your investment is worth it.

A little more about us.

Our professional teachers are native Chinese with BS, MS, or Ph.D. degrees in a foreign language…blah blah. Well, is this what you are looking for?

With ten years of teaching experience, we make things simple and straight to the point, so that students achieve maximum amount of progress in laughter and enjoyment!

We are obsessed with training your muscle memory, making speaking and writing in Chinese not a brainful work but a nature engrained in your nerves.

Doesn’t matter what your profession is, PR, Sales, consultant, or in what occasion you will be using Chinese, a business meeting, a social event, a trip, you’ll always find your tailor-made class.

Although passing the HSK exams is not our top priority,
our students who chose to take the exam all received scores above 270.

We’re proud of our students!

We’ll let an example speak for itself.

When you just started Chinese, and you probably were confused by how to use 没(méi) and 不(bù).

Why on earth are there two ‘not’s???

Tried different textbooks, and none of them explain it clear enough?

We hear ya.

Have you ever encountered some super-duper complicated concept that seems impossible to understand, but when you look on YouTube and you found a video that explains it in two minutes?

That’s exactly what we do with your Chinese.

First, we throw you the key formula.

Then we give you the principle.

Falling asleep?

Wait for it!


You can probably already tell that having fun is another main principle of ours.

Our class are full of interesting and funny stories, some come from our own life, more were created with our students.

Here are some interesting comments we received from students:

You’ve just spent five minutes reading this article and you’ve cracked a big grammar point, and did you even feel time passing?

Just like this, time flies in our classroom, there’s no need to take painkillers before coming to Chinese lesson.

For students who just started:

If you feel like there are just too many things you don’t understand. First, don’t panic. Chinese is rated the hardest language in the world mostly by people in the Indo-European system. Learning Chinese might be challenging, but it’s not difficult. It’s actually fun and enjoyable given the right method.

For students who are at intermediate level (or the book says so):

You probably have heard people telling you that your Chinese is amazing. But deep down, you know you are not there yet. Yes, we tell you the brutal truth instead of praising you like you’ll be the next president. So when you are really making progress, you know exactly where you’re heading to and you get that solid sense of accomplishment.

The way to master Chinese isn’t to do more. On the contrary, we want you to…

Do less but do it efficiently.

Instead of just saying 听不懂 [tīng bù dǒng] all the time

Here's a line to help save your A*S in any awkward situations and win a good laugh.

We have students of all levels.
•  Simple adverb comparisons like 没 and 不
•  Sentence structures

•  The one and only 把(bǎ)-sentence

•  Patterns like 只要…就 (As long as…)
•  Common sayings

•  成语 (chéng yǔ)
•  Advanced Vocabulary

When your level gets advanced, it’s no longer about grammar. After all, there’s a limited amount of them. You’ll be exploring a vast amount of vocabulary including 成语 (chéng yǔ), common sayings and up-to-date concepts.

You name it!

Come and explore with us!

We provide a 30-minute FREE Mandarin level assessment session where we'll:

Assess your current Mandarin level from all aspects.
▪  Sentence structure
▪  Pronunciation
▪  Vocabulary
▪  Listening comprehension
Give you an in-depth analysis of your strengths and places to work on.
Provide a general guideline on how to take the next step and some life-saving tips along the way.

Scan the QR code to reserve a free session!

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Location: 10-minute walk from Jiangsu Road Subway Station, Line 2/11