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Calling All Beards: Beardageddon 2016 Is Upon Us
The (manly) men of Shanghai are donating their beards to a worthy cause. Join us! And maybe get into heaven.
By Oct 25, 2016 Community


This is an open call to the beards of Shanghai. The long beards. The thick beards. The bushy beards. The short beards. The thin beards. The illustrious beards. The unkempt beards. Groomed beards. Lazy beards. Successful beards. Beards that live in mum and dad’s basement. Calling all beards, from the five o’clock shadow beards to the living-in-the-forest-forgotten-by-time beards. Soup strainers. Imperials. Chin curtains. Ducktails. French forks. Garibaldis and goatees.

Even neck beards.

Look in your heart. And give us your beard.

From your friends at BRASH, barber and tattoo parlor, Doc Guthrie's, and comes the great Beardageddon 2016, an event in which the bearded men of Shanghai spend November raising money for charity, promising on November 27 to shave off their beards. In public. On stage. At a lovely Sunday afternoon event at Inferno.

So far we have 14 beards of note and acclaim culled from the Shanghai community taking part. Lets meet a few.

The Beards

Jake Newby

There exists no finer example of the “I’m finding myself” beard that what our man ex-Time Out big cheese Jake Newby has managed on the lower half of his face right here. On November 27, our boy Jake will be shorn as clean as a newborn babe, ready to start his new career: freelancing Shanghai jazz and mooncakes articles to rural UK broadsheets until his heart explodes out of his chest at the off-brand Starbucks when he’s 57.

Tyler Bowa

Factory Five founder, fixed gear bike enthusiast, and hardcore punk drummer Tyler Bowa had a beard before it was cool. On the 27th he’s going to feel what “cool” really is as the winds from the oncoming Shanghai winter skate past his naked and nicked chin. Not to mention allllllll his punk rock friends giving him the cold shoulder for selling the fuck out with his stupid beardless face!

Chris Foste

I don’t know my man beer merchant Mr. Chris Foste all that well, but I do know he’s looking forward to the 27th because he’s tired of being stared at in the streets for his sizable manly growth and having his picture sneakily taken on cellphones. Think he’s still gonna get some stares, though — even without the beard. He’s really got that “I’m going to bury an axe in your face” look only a mother could love!

Dylan Byrne

Brash and Doc Guthrie’s owner Dylan’s a heavily tattooed Irish man who could most certainly hurt me real bad so he’s alright by me! In fact — oh shit — all of these guys definitely can so I take it all back! They’re all wonderful guys! Don’t hurt me! Jokes, jokes!

Shanghai Beards, Here Is Where You Come In

We have 14 beards taking part but we’re going for an even 20, so the guys and gals from Brash and Doc Guthrie's can shave guys in five sets of four up on stage at Inferno on Sunday, November 27. We have six more slots open. If you’d like to donate your beard to a charity that addresses the problem of displaced gentlemen in Shanghai, get in touch. Basically, all 20 of our guys are raising their own money themselves from friends, colleagues, neighbors, family, and at a few Beardageddon events in lovely venues around Shanghai leading up to the big shave-off on November 27. It’s kind of like “Movember” but we’re going extreme in the other direction — instead of growing we’re shaving.

Because this is 2016 dammit. Beards are over. If you want it.

If you’d like to be one of our 20, please get in touch to or C’mon guy. It’s for charity.

Shanghai Beardless, Here’s Where You Come In

Support our guys, firstly! Dude, this is a traumatic thing. A lot of us don’t even know what we really look like under these things anymore. Dig deep! Toss a few rambos if you see the opportunity to do so.

Also, in addition to our personal efforts, fine venues in Shanghai are hosting Beardageddon events leading up to the 27th to raise even more cash money. Look to Pocho, Ruijin Cajun, The Rooster, Brash, maybe even Factory Five. Details are coming. Beards are going. And of course, stay tuned for details on the November 27 Beardageddon event at Inferno, when we see just how lovely we are underneath it all...

If you’d like to be a part in any capacity or would like more information get in touch with or



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  • 3 years ago Unverified User

    you forgot bearded clams

  • 3 years ago smoteshanghai

    Is it weird that I'm curious what the charity is? Not that I think this cash is going to be used to fund drone strikes against black lives matter orphans or anything, but come on. Beards. You people are hiding something.

  • 3 years ago morgan

    Hey hey.

    The charity is a locally-based organization that deals with displaced individuals in Shanghai. I assure you it's very much on the up-and-up. For more information, please contact Dylan --, who is more than happy to fill you in on the specifics. The only thing we're hiding is our lack of chins...

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