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Inferno (United Valley)
    • ADDRESS:
      United Valley Jing'An,
      462 Changle Lu,
      near Shaanxi Nan Lu
      长乐路462号, 近陕西南路
    • PHONE:
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd
    • HOURS:
      Tue-Sat, 8pm-2am
    • CARDS:
      WeChat, Alipay
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Infamous! Butcher! Angel of death! Monarch to the kingdom of the deeaeeeaad! Inferno, Shanghai's only dedicated metal bar, is in its third incarnation as a pub in United Valley. It's just a pub that plays metal. Two rooms, a bar in one and more lounge seating in the other, with space for 30 people or so. It's no longer a live venue. You go to drink, hang out and listen to some heavy, heavy metal. Like a Cheers for Lamb of God fans. The community that's built up over the years is already firmly entrenched, and the mirror has survived the trip. Prices swing towards 25rmb Asahi pints, 30rmb mixes, some bottled beer for 25-50rmb range. Inferno III: Sishen Jason Lives!
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    • Inferno SiNema

      Inferno presents weekly movies from all genres. From 80s action movies, to compelling documentaries, to cheesy horror movies,to anything with Nicolas Cage, they've got it all. Scan the QR for weekly updates. Free.


    • Blade Runner 2049 (2022, 2036, 2048)

      Continuing full force with sci fi this month, Inferno SiNema is bringing in the sequel(s) to Blade Runner, that is Blade Runner 2049 and it's 3 accompanying short films (2022, 2036, 2048). These movies further explore Ridley Scott's...
    • Slipknot Album Release

      Listening party not live show. SLIPKNOT! These guys are a staple for anyone who listened to metal in the early 2000s, with their lyrics immortalized in metal lexicon, with phrases like as “if I'm 555, then you're 666”, and anyone who's...
    • Blade Runner

      Inferno SiNema presents one of the greatest sci fis ever made, Blade Runner. Made in 1982, the movie takes place in the dystopian hell hole future of, uh, 2019. Humans have created bio-engineered androids known as “replicants” to slave...
    • THY ART IS MURDER Album Listening

      Formed in 2006, Thy Art Is Murder have pulverized the deathcore scene with their relentless hard hitting-you-in-your face-till-it's-a-bloody-pulp sound! Their new album Human Target threatens to grab you by throat and pummel you into...
    • Viking Night

      Howabout those Vikings!? Crossing treacherous waters, axes in one hand, booze filled horns in the other, with their magnificent beards blowing in the stormy winds, like dragons in a sky orgy. This Saturday July 20th, INFERNO's paying...
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