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Clash of Wheezing Alcoholic Titans: Inferno vs. Specters Soccer Match For Charity

Jun 11, 2020 | 09:52 Thu
Let them be met on the grassy field of honor that one or the other may be crowned champion of the beergut. May doughty knights abhorrent cross uh, I guess shinguards, in the name of the impoverished girls of rural China. A noble contest of skill at arms, uh, legs — look, it's soccer. It's a soccer match, for charity. The scaly punk lizards at Specters Famous Monsters have agreed to come blinking and hissing into the sunlight for a change, to face off against the variously-haired-teenage-delinquents-that-never-grew-up of the Inferno Satans. All of them probably still drunk from Friday night!

There'll be booze and merch for sale from Pistonhead, Shanghai Tattoo and Fireball (!!!), with the money going straight to Educating Girls of Rural China. Plus! Actual soccer scarves, official bar jerseys and branded denim jorts (first two are real, the last one is speculation and a fervent, fervent wish). There'll be indoor seating, in case it rains. No such respite for the players. Should make it extra fun to watch. It's happening on Saturday, June 13, from 2-4pm at the rooftop soccer court at 299 Fahuazhen Lu. Details on the flyer.


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