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Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings; Inferno Reopens Tonight

By Jul 6, 2018 Nightlife
If you've been nursing an Inferno-sized hole in your heart since Shanghai's only dedicated metal bar died a death at the end of last year, we're got some fantastic and totally evil news: They've made good on their promise to rise from the dead and are opening tonight, Friday night, in a great central location in United Valley.


That's the mall-type thing at the intersection of Changle Lu and Shaanxi Lu that's got the big blue construction scaffolding in front of it that seems like it will never ever be finished. Inferno is returning to their roots (bloody rooooooots!) and opening just as a straight-up metal pub, with no live music. Just drinking, loads of Lamb of God on the stereo, and darkness. It's quite a bit smaller than both the previous incarnations of Inferno but from the early pictures, still bursting with demonic charm. The big mirror is back and they've got some skulls and shit all over the walls. Interiors by Lucifer? The team behind this one include long-time Inferno matriarch Cassandra and Jason, lead cookie monster from Shanghai's groove metal kings, Hitobashira. (Who is actually a huge Cure fan. That's not metal, brah.)

Getcha horns up Shanghai. Here's the address. They're on the first floor. Just walk in the main entrance and head straight to the back.



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