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    • ADDRESS:
      851 Kaixuan Lu,
      by Yan'an Xi Lu
      (Entrance behind the Metro Station)
      凯旋路851号, 近延安西路口
    • PHONE:
      5237 8662
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      0 mins walk from Yan'an Rd (W)
    • HOURS:
      Tue-Sun, from 9pm
      Open on Mon when special events are on
    • CARDS:
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Yuyintang is one of the oldest underground live music houses in Shanghai, and has become a staple in the city. Featuring regular gigs every weekend, it brings in underground rock acts both worldwide and local.
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    • Star Wars Episode X: The Force Blacks Out

      Hesher Has Culture does a night dedicated to the forces of darkness and light, raw rock and roll, and cheap beer. Six bands playing this one: Mars Kitten (Nantong), Blue Magpie, Scorpion Prisoner 69, Round Eye, Psyders, and The...
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Sat Dec 19 2015 |
    • Jon Gomm

      One for the guitar nerds to geek out over. This lad from Leeds is on some next-level shit, dropping basslines, percussion, and guitar riffs, all on his guitar. And he sings on top of all that. Check this YouTube video for a taste....
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Sat Dec 5 2015 |


    • 2015-11-27 Finished

      Future Gaze

      Future Gaze, which features Clement Pony and Sharon Q, returns to Yuyintang on Friday. Noisy, sexy electronic, techno, house, new wave, post punk hybrid shiz with a charismatic lead singer. Check out their recent EP on Bandcamp for a...
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Fri Nov 27 2015 |
    • 2015-11-26 Finished

      Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

      Parisian pop-punk outfit Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! do a Thanksgiving night show at Yuyintang. They've got a heavy yet happy style, and sing in English and French. Some of their videos have a few million views on the YouTubes. Take a...
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Thu Nov 26 2015 |
    • 2015-11-21 Finished

      The Big Wave

      Beijing new wave / post-punk / disco outfit The Big Wave play Yuyintang on Saturday as part of their 29-city China tour. Now on mega-label Modern Sky, they're one of the freshest / best bands we've seen in China in years. They opened for...
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Sat Nov 21 2015 |
    • 2015-11-19 Finished

      New Noise: Honig & Jonas David

      Long-running Chengdu rock promoters New Noise are back in Shanghai for something a little different than their usual programming. While they usually push post-rock, they're bringing in German indie folk artists Honig and Jonas David ....
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Thu Nov 19 2015 |
    • 2015-11-12 Finished


      Nu-metal kids riding a spray-painted mini-van into Yuyintang and dropping some riffs and screamo lyrics in yo face. The genre is big in China so expect a lot of local kids turning up for this one. Check the Douban for a taste and...
      Nightlife | Yuyintang | on Thu Nov 12 2015 |
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