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5237 8662


851 Kaixuan Lu,
by Yan'an Xi Lu
(Entrance behind the Metro Station)


Zhongshan Park 中山公园


Yan'an Rd (W), 0 mins. walk


Tue-Sun, from 9pm
Open on Mon when special events are on



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Editor's Description
Last updated: January 06, 2014

Yuyintang is one of the oldest underground live music houses in Shanghai, and has become a staple in the city. Featuring regular gigs every weekend, it brings in underground rock acts both worldwide and local.

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Five rock bands playing at one of Shanghai's best spots for live music. You've got the excelled Nonplus of Color, plus Horizons, Dhalia Rosea, Pinball City, and Guiguisuisui from Beijing. Cover is 50rmb; starts at 9pm.
On Sat 22 at Yuyintang
Sunday night showcase of five local rock bands at one of Shanghai's best spots for a live show. Music by Forsaken Autumn, Blue Magpie, Wogui De Huoche, 谷水车间, and GriffO. So, kind of a mystery grab bag - no idea what you're gonna get but it's live music. Some shoegaze and Brit-rock for sure. Cover is 50rmb. Starts at 8pm.
On Sun 23 at Yuyintang
So this is a Beijing power-folk/gothic/indie band called 永动机 (Perpetual Motion Machine". They do "19th Century rock." Have a listen for yourself on Douban to here what that sounds like. They're playing a bunch of good venues in China like Beijing Mao Livehouse, Vox in Wuhan, and Yuyintang. So, should be alright. Cover is 50rmb. Starts at 9pm.
On Fri 28 at Yuyintang

Beijing's Dong Dong music festival and conference moves south for some shows at Yuyintang with Parisian rockers Cheveu and Spanish electro rock trio Astrio. Both of these bands sounding pretty good. Ticket is 100rmb at the door. Show starts at 9pm and will probably end around 11.30pm.
On Sat 29 at Yuyintang

Dallas rock band Abacus5 come to Shanghai for a free show at one of the best rock venues in town. These guys kinda sound like a cross between Nickleback and Soundgarden. Maybe that's your thing. Free entry. Starts at 9pm.
On Wed 03 at Yuyintang
One of 2014's best bookings coming in at the end of the year. Dan Deacon is a madman, known for insane live shows where he makes dance music with racks on racks of gear, sending audiences into uncontrollable frenzies. Here's a video of him performing at an NPR showcase at SXSW. Don't miss this shit. Pre-sale tickets are 120rmb, or 140rmb at the door. Starts at 9pm.
On Thu 04 at Yuyintang

English restaurant Mr. Harry and four British bands invade church-of-rock Yuyintang. Four bands on deck: Blue Magpie, Plastic Chocolate, Day Dreamer, and Parts & Labour. Cover is 50rmb; starts at 9pm. Snacks by Mr. Harry.
On Fri 05 at Yuyintang


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