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Elefante's Dumbo Truck Brunch Back This Weekend, Here's The Headliners

Apr 8, 2016 | 12:18 Fri
Hey who cares that Diplo, SBTRKT, Breakbot, Boiler Room, and Ratatat are probably coming to Shanghai in the next month. We all know what pays the bills – brunch. Let's talk about some brunch bookings.

Elefante’s engineless, colorful Dumbo truck opens again this weekend and through the fall, hosting chefs from well-known restaurants around town for 250rmb brunches on Saturdays and Sundays. Oh they have a DJ too. Gotta have a DJ these days.

Check inside for the full list of chef bookings.

This weekend, Bina Yu of Chi-Q and Kim Melvin of the Commune Social are cooking a six course menu with braaied mealie, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, a Korean bbq chicken taco, bulgogi, and South African desserts. Available from 11.30am-3.30pm.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season...

April 16-17: Abel Matos of Unico and Hugo Rodriguez of Chala
April 24: Elefante's Feria De Abril event, so no guest chefs, just a 12 hour party with massive amounts of food and alcohol.
April 30-May 1: Carlos Franco of el Willy and Cesar Perez de Anda from Elefante
May 14-15: Julia Zotter from the Zotter Chocolate Theatre
May 28-29: Camden Hauge from Egg and Ling Huang from Pirata
June 11-12: Alvaro Ramos, formerly of Tomatito
June 25-26: Austin Hu from Madison / Union / Everywhere

More bookings as we get the word. Stay tuned.


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