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There's a 299rmb Annual Museum Pass That Grants You Access to All the Major Museums in Shanghai

Jun 18, 2019 | 13:00 Tue
Contemporary art shows in Shanghai are kind of pricey these days, aren't they? Good news is a handful of organizations including iwen1, Qingnian Bao (The Youth newspaper), and the newly established Museums Association of Shanghai have joined forces to launch an annual museum pass. For 299rmb, the museum pass can be used at 52 museums, 36 art museums, and 13 attractions in Shanghai before April 30, 2020. Your year in culture, sorted!

The pass, named "Shanghai Museum and Art Museum Pass" (上海市博物馆美术馆通票) contains one "museum passport", one "art museum passport", and one "attractions pass". Supporting venues include the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Natural History Museum; Power Station of Art, Fosun Foundation, Pearl Art Museum, Minsheng Art Museum, as well as attractions like the Shanghai Dungeon, the Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World... The list goes on.


You can check the complete list and purchase it on iwen1's official WeChat: iwen1com (in Chinese). Or purchase it at the gift shops of these museums on the list. Buuut... there's a catch: you need to register an account with the pass, then reserve the ticket on iwen1's WeChat before you go to the venue. According to the feedback online, the reservation runs smoothly.

This pass seems to be good not only for those who are going to spend a year here. You can get the money back in a very short period of time by visiting three or four art shows. Just to name three ongoing exhibitions: Mucha (120rmb)+Yoshitaka Amano: Fantasy in Daylight (120rmb)+Sensory Canvas (60rmb)=300rmb.

A few privately owned big museums are not on the list, such as the Rockbund Art Museum, Yuz Museum, and Long Museum (West Bund). For them, you might want to get a card from the HOW ART Museum, which we've featured in our memberships article.


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