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China's Burning Man-Esque Festival Phoenix Burn Cancelled
By Aug 10, 2016 Activities


The great Earth goddess Gaia, ancient priestess of time immemorial, keeper of the eternal fire, omnipresent spirit that surges through all living things, in her wisdom and benevolence giveth and subsequently doth she taketh away: China's version of Burning Man Festival, the Phoenix Burn, previously scheduled for August 21 to August 27 in Inner Mongolia has been cancelled. If you purchased tickets through SmartTicket, we'll be in touch with information about your refund.

(Because we believe in the immutable balance of the cosmic ballet above all things.)

Details after the jump.


So maybe it wasn't Gaia. Organizers, Beijing-based promotion group dART, are assigning blame to "the powers that be" for putting the kibosh on the vaguely anti-corporate themed festival that was geared around lighting a huge fire in the desert. Coming off the cancellation of the Wavey Cruise Ship Festival last month, it seems maybe these non-traditional large scale music events... they might be a little difficult to push through in this part of the world.

Can only imagine the face of the official whose desk this proposal landed on: "Wait, you want to do what now?"

From the press release from the organizers:

"As one of the event curators at Phoenix Burn, I put my heart and soul into making this an amazing festival. To all those who were planning to come, please accept my sincerest apologies."

Bummer. SmSh doffs our cap to the promoters. Hey, at least you tried. And whether it's sinking on a boat or going up in flames in the Ulah Buh Desert, here's to hoping we can get a huge amount of Shanghai DJs involved in something dangerous and life threatening again real soon! Thin that herd out a bit!

(Just kidding! Don't die horribly, all Shanghai DJs!)

What's next for dART: looks like they're planing a Mid-Autumn festival in Beijing to take place at the Bird's Nest Arena called "TekNest". We'll find out more about that in a bit.



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