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Art Rules: Chicks on Speed in Shanghai
By Apr 20, 2011 Nightlife
Following up on a well-received Jue Festival in Q1, 2011, local promoters / captains of industry Split Works have a big one planned for June 10: Chicks on Speed in Shanghai. At Lune.

Formed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1997, Chicks on Speed is widely recognized as one of the first and most influential electroclash acts, although they draw pretty heavily on the directly activist side of DIY punk rock, not to mention academic revisionism book learnin', as well as their collective backgrounds in fashion and performance art.

Throughout their career, they've been concerned with undermining power structures in the art, music, and fashion worlds, eschewing most traditional rock instrumentation in favor of electronic gadgetry and self-made instruments. And just things that make noise. Result is a spectacle-heavy, spazzoid fun designed to BRING THE MAN DOWN.

Music thieves that we are, we happen to already be offering up a sample from them right here. Scroll down to the bottom. Euro. Trash. Girl.

Or, even better, go drink from the source.

It's actually worth clicking on that link. There's some bonkers pictures there.

But yeah: Chicks on Speed in Shanghai on June 10.

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