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Re: That Upstairs Club on Donghu: Craft --> Generations --> Craft
By Oct 12, 2017 Nightlife
The original owners of long-running vodka and disco hang-out Craft may have moved on but their legacy lives on. In name only, at least. The space upstairs from The Parrot reopened last weekend with new owners as a club called "Generations". Said new owners have re-branded the place again to... Craft.


Haven't had the chance to stop by yet but here's the advance word from the new faces behind the bar:

SmSh: What have you changed with the design of the place?

Nu Craft: We've made the place larger, with more tables. And much more comfortable.

SmSh: What kind of music are you guys going to have?

Nu Craft: We will keep the same music as before, with different guest DJs playing ever weekend.

SmSh: What's the drinks list like? Prices?

Nu Craft: The prices are still the same. 60rmb cocktails; 50rmb mixed drinks.


There you have it, celebration generation. "Craft" AKA Craft II: Electric Booglaloo is now open. This Friday night is the opening party. One free mixed drink and no door charge to get in. DJ Charp on the decks.

Remember the movie The Craft? With Neve Campbel and Fairuza Balk? Excellent movie.


Pictures courtesy of Craft.


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