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[Active Shanghai]

The biweekly round-up of gym openings and deals for discounted fitness

[Active Shanghai]: Hey, It's a New Column about Fitness!

By Oct 13, 2017 Health & Wellbeing


Hello and welcome to our new column on the happenings of health and fitness in our fair city. We’re calling it "Active Shanghai." It's your one-stop shop for fitness events, new gyms, deals, events, and hot goss. Sweaty goss. This week we’ve got a few sporty events including The Peninsula's Mega Yoga and a 15k with Runnershai. In terms of real estate rumblings: Z&B Fitness expands, Afit's grand opening, a yoga studio is born, and a freshly opened rock climbing gym. Grab your fitbit and Nikes, it's time to get physical.


Upcoming Events

on Sat Oct 14 2017

Mega Yoga

No. 1 Waitanyuan - No. 1 Waitanyuan, 33 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu,...

The Peninsula's getting its skin in the yoga brunch game with Mega Yoga. The day will involve two hour long yoga sessions, the first kicking off at 9am (registration at 8.45) on the lawn of No.1 Waitanyuan. A healthy lunch will be served up around 12.30pm buffet style. Tickets are a bit pricey at 480rmb but include one "gift" Lululemon sportswear outfit, VCLEANSE juices, and lunch. Also, some of the proceeds will go towards the non-profit organization Raleigh China. Runs from about 8.45am-2pm. Register in advance here.

on Sat Oct 14 2017

Farmers Run

SmSh Territory - Shanghai

RunnersHai has got a 15K race on for this weekend, the ‘Farmers Run’ on Chongming Island. Tickets are 200rmb and include transport and a light breakfast. Add another 50rmb to get the farmer’s lunch buffet at Muyu Farm. Register ahead of time with wechat: runnershai.

LaLiga Club Youth Training Program provides soccer training for kids 4-15. To see if it’s a good fit there’s a free trial class every Saturday for your little one. Register in advance via WeChat: kale.

New Gyms and What They're Offering

AFit Studio

1/F, Bldg C, 753 Yuyuan Lu, near Zhenning Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

AFit Studio's having a grand opening party for the official launch of their new Jing'an location. It' set for this Saturday from 10am to 4pm. There'll be no entry fee, so it's a good time to check out the facilities.

There'll be demo bootcamp classes throughout the day and smaller challenges in spinning, rowing, and more. A workshop on fat loss nutrition and another on essential oils, which apparently we're now ingesting to lose weight? And everybody knows about this? A thorough investigation to come...

Z&B (Changle Lu)

14/F, 1219 Changle Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Z&B's Changle Lu studio has been open for a minute, but the gym part with all the equipment on the first floor just opened up. It looks real nice. To celebrate the soft open, they've got a deal running for people who have a lot of friends that want to work out with them. Here it is:


(Normal rates: 1,999rmb for 3 months to 8,899rmb for 24 months)

Dragon Space Yoga Studio

No. 5, Lane 516 Julu Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Dragon Space Yoga is a new-ish studio located in a lane house on Julu Lu. A yogi named Xiaohui is the founder and teacher at the space, she (along with one other teacher) holds classes in English and Chinese from 6am-7.30pm daily. The studio's been in soft opening with an official launch party planned for Friday, October 27 (they're still working out the details, more on that to come). Other than that their deal is a trial similar to other yoga joints (like Body and Soul) around town: first 2 classes for 200rmb.

Park Climbing Gym

199 Yangzhai Lu, near Kaixuan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

A new place to climb in Donghua University near Zhongshan Park. In its soft opening Park Climbing Gym is offering free climbs, from 2-10pm till October 13. What can go wrong climbing on Friday the 13?

More Deals

Orange Theory--not yet officially opened, but posing itself to take over Shanghai's HIIT scene. They'll be opening their doors in November but till then they're offering a "Founder's Rate" at 1,600rmb a month for unlimited classes if you get in there now. Signing up now-ish also gets you two free trial weeks before the gym officially opens. You can check out the gym before committing by calling 021-6031-4777 to make an appointment.

Spinback Fitness--For 'International Indoor Cycling Day' (lol) the studio's opening its doors for a day of free classes. Oh you don't know when International Indoor Cycling Day is? It's Saturday, October 21.

Photos: Provided by The Peninsula Shanghai and Z&B Fitness



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