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What's This Chinese Anime Convention All About?

The Chinese version of comic-con has made its way back for all anime fans.
By Apr 28, 2021 Activities

Shanghai hasn't had an official Comic Con since 2018, but the anime crowd will finally have a chance to crawl out of their two-dimensional world this May holiday. On May 1 and 2, Daning Little Manor will host the second AACG convention, a call for gamers and anime enthusiasts alike to congregate under one roof. Possibly the only event of its type in town for a while, the exhibition will primarily feature Chinese anime, but will also have a touch of trendy Japanese stuff such as Demon Slayer — a TV series that is popular amongst the weeaboos. About a dozen famous Chinese cosplayers have been invited to show off their new looks and will be flaunting their costumes on stage. Other events to expect include screenings of upcoming shows and movies, as well as live performances by dancers and amateur actors. For gamers, the venue has thoughtfully provided you with VR facilities for some in-the-Matrix action. From the left field are activities like karaoke, tarot reading, ping pong and more. All sounds pretty niche and fun.

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