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Getting Your Health Back On Track, with SinoUnited


Checking in at a medical facility that’s actually run by doctors.

By Glen Smith
2022-01-03 13:00:00

  • Healthcare That Puts Patients First

    Healthcare That Puts Patients First

    “Healthcare” is more than just going to the doctor when we get hurt or feel sick. It’s also about prevention and taking care of our bodies now, so that we can fully enjoy life when we're older. Many of us are approaching two years without visiting home and seeing our regular doctor. Maybe it’s time to have that yearly checkup, or start seeing a doctor here for any ongoing issues. But Shanghai offers so many choices for healthcare - how do you know which provider is right for you and your family?

    SinoUnited Health (SUH) is a unique medical institution run by doctors. Their philosophy is simple: patients first. As a pioneer in telemedicine, SUH created an app that lets you consult with your doctor from the comfort of your bed or couch. And when it’s time to visit the doctor in the offline world, SUH has five convenient locations in Shanghai’s CBD and another in downtown Hangzhou.

    Healthcare is the most important long-term investment you can make. Let’s see how SUH might fit into a holistic plan for you and your family’s health.

  • At the Heart of it All: CEO Dr. Kathy Shi

    At the Heart of it All: CEO Dr. Kathy Shi

    "In terms of hardware and technology, I don't think there are differences between China and foreign countries. But in terms of the care model and philosophy, the gap is not small,” says SUH CEO and cardiologist, Dr. Kathy Shi. SUH aims to close this gap through holistic clinical care and education.

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    "The Medical Care at SinoUnited Health is World Class." - SUH Patient, Edward Frumkes

    "After my heart attack two years ago, I had to completely change my lifestyle. Dr. Shi was strict and no nonsense. I needed progressive monitoring after the attack, and at SUH I get the care I need, in English.

    When it comes to my health, SUH is my first line of defense. And I'm empowered by their technology and expertise.

    With all of my test results and prescriptions in my phone, I can take that information anywhere, whether that's to a TCM doctor or to consult doctors back home in the U.S.

    Here, you're treated as a whole person. My nephrologist talks to my cardiologist, and they make the best medical decision for me as a team. It's one-stop shop. I commute from Suzhou once every three months, and I can get my flu shot, my quarterly blood tests, and consultation all in one day.

    Health can be a scary subject, and you hear some horror stories. Having doctors you trust, who really care about you, eases that fear. Access to care and information are also important. With the SUH app, I know wherever I go, I have all of my medical information with me, vital information that might save my life. In my opinion, SinoUnited Health is world class."

  • Records & Prescriptions Right On Your Phone

    Records & Prescriptions Right On Your Phone

    Need to transfer your medical records from back home? Moving somewhere else and need to transfer your medical records there? Easy. SUH’s app has you covered in both cases. All of your medical records are available in your phone, including details for each of your visits and results from any tests you've taken, all in English or Chinese. This also makes it easy to get your prescription meds, which in many cases can be delivered to you. 

  • Healthcare: As Easy as Online Shopping

    Healthcare: As Easy as Online Shopping

    Imagine this. You’re feeling ill. But instead of rolling around in bed, looking up symptoms online and freaking out, you quickly open the SinoUnited Health app and chat with an actual doctor. He sorts you out with a prescription via delivery and you’re on your way to feeling healthy again. Plus, the doctor you’re talking with is right here in Shanghai, so if needed, you can easily move from online to offline at one of SUH’s convenient locations around the city.


    SUH was one of the earliest batch of hospitals to become certified for telehealth. Their Virtual Clinic currently offers services in family medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, and ophthalmology, ranging from 100 to 500rmb for 15-minute consultations. Nice!

  • Five CBD Locations in Shanghai and Another in Hangzhou
  • What Does SUH Specialize In?

    What Does SUH Specialize In?

    Let’s get this out of the way: SUH is not an emergency room. Don’t go there if you’re in a life-threatening situation. You’re coming here for routine care, prevention, and rehabilitation. SUH specializes in family medicine, internal medicine (including digestive internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory, neurology and endocrinology), general surgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, urology, dermatology and pediatrics.

    Routine preventative care is key to long-term health, and SUH has you covered.

  • Top-Level Service in Multiple Languages

    Top-Level Service in Multiple Languages

    SUH has over 450 members on their team, including a diverse group of doctors who speak Mandarin, English, Italian, Hokkien, Malay, Turkish, and more languages. One of those doctors is Dr. Frank Morris-Davies, who has worked in Shanghai for over 11 years.


    “I’m a family doctor; I want to look after the whole family. I treat patients like I treat my family or friends.


     Expats in China navigate so many barriers to get good care; it’s language, cultural, and institutional. You don't have your regular family doctor, and the insurance process can be overwhelming as well. Many hospitals are so busy and overwhelmed with the large number of patients, the doctors don't have the luxury of time. At SUH, I can spend time and really get to know my patients, get them language or other supports they need for a thorough consultation, and refer them to the right specialist."


  • Connect with SinoUnited Health Today

    Connect with SinoUnited Health Today

    Scan this QR code now - you might need it later. Maybe you twist your ankle playing soccer next week. Maybe you sleep on your back wrong because you’re firmly in your thirties. Maybe you want to finally get back in the cycle of annual physicals and routine care. This is SUH’s Concierge Care WeChat, where you can speak to a real human about your medical needs. And while you’re at it, download the SinoUnited Health app today.

    Whether you’re visiting SUH through your phone, or offline at one of their clinics, you’ll get the same personalized care and patient-first treatment. The best time to start getting your health back on track was yesterday. The next best time is today.