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Restaurants Keep Closing: Shinpaku, Blackbird 2.0, Blind Pig, Tandoor and More

The sun sets on a whole bunch of Shanghai restaurants.
Apr 20, 2020 | 13:08 Mon
It’s spring outside but in the restaurant business, it’s still a cold, cold winter. Restaurants keep closing from the riverfront Three on the Bund to the heritage redevelopment Columbia Circle to Hengshan Lu. This week we’ve got a list of closures both recent and several months in the making that have just been announced. Who’s gone?

The Bund

Shinpaku at Three on the Bund

Shinpaku, the Japanese restaurant on the second floor of Three on the Bund, closed around January and has not re-opened. No official comment on that one but word on the street is they have been shopping the space around to other operators.

Hakkasan at Bund 18

Hakkasan. This is last week’s news but still big enough to include. Also, a little context we didn’t note at the time: the Shanghai shutdown comes amid a layoff of 1,600 Hakkasan (and related company) employees in Las Vegas alone. Shanghai’s news hardly seems surprising then.

Also, everything at Bund 22 but it's unclear how long that closure will last and how permanent the restaurant closures will be.

Columbia Circle

Blackbird 2.0 at Columbia Circle

Blackbird 2.0, a three-story building with a downstairs lounge bar, a chef’s table on the second floor (Table Black), and a killer garden terrace on the roof, also closed around Chinese New Year and hasn’t re-opened. Word from the inside is that they are scrapping the whole thing. Makes sense. That restaurant group is doing great with other projects like Bar No. 3 and Pass Residence.

Inkwood closed earlier this month. That was a mishmash of Western food from a young Chinese chef named Beichuan. Never really hit its stride, that one.

The Parlour at Columbia Circle

Neighbor The Parlour also closed earlier this month. That one got off to a very busy start but then had some issues when the owner and chef Sam Norris split, leaving a rotating disco-fied pizza oven in the middle of the dining room. Never recovered.

Nanjing Xi Lu

The Blind Pig on Nanyang Lu

Bryce Jenner opened his Big Bamboo here nearly two decades ago (the original was on nearby Tongren Lu). After scooping up all the traveling businessmen and bopping them on the head for more than a decade, he eventually turned it into a two-floor, two-venue space with BBQ and beers at The Blind Pig and Mexican and beers at Pistolera. This is the last The Blind Pig in Shanghai right now (forever?) but Pistolera will live on. Closes with a bash on 24 April.

Hengshan Lu

A proper Pilsner at Bohemia

Bohemia was an attempt at a Czech beer pub that got more things right than it did wrong. Real Pilsner Urquell on draft! See what we thought of it here. It’s no longer.

Huaihai Lu

The Tandoor, a real institution of an Indian restaurant, going back to 1994, is closed. Their website says that due to coronavirus, they will be “closed until further notice”, which means there is a chance they will come back but a few telltale signs don’t bode well: their phone number has been suspended, their Dianping listing has been closed and they have withdrawn from Chope, the reservations platform. Hopefully we are wrong on this one and it’s just a temporary thing.


Wolfgang Puck in Xintiandi

Wolfgang Puck’s lease in Xintiandi expired in February and they didn’t renew. Wrote about it already.


Peking Inn at Jiashan Market

Peking Inn has closed in Jiashan Market. The very red temple to thin wraps and Chinese cocktails never quite landed, and now they are gone. Sad.

What Else Has Gone?

These restaurants and bars have also closed since the beginning of 2020

Ai Fiori
Alla Torre (Global Harbour)
Azul (Wukang Lu) (relocating)
Birds of Paradise
Ce La Vi
Dragon Pearl
El Luchador (Xintiandi)
Gemma (became Alimentari Grande)
Hengshan Café (Hengshan Lu)
Hit Wicket (Menggu Lu)
Hooters (Huaihai Zhong Lu)
Jia Jia Tangbao (People’s Square)
Little Creatures
Morton’s (IAPM)
Phipps Steakhouse
The original Pho Real on Fumin Lu
Shintori (Julu Lu)
Va Bene


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