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Foreigners Can Now Get Booster Shots. Here's How and Where.

Time to get boosted!!!
2022-01-25 18:00:00

Latest announcement from the official Weixin account of the SH government:

From 8pm on January 25th, 2022, foreigners over 18 years old in Shanghai can apply for their booster shot, while foreigners from 3 to 11 years old will be able to register their first doses. Vaccination will start from January 26th, 2022. As for the process? We're not sure yet, we'll give it a try tonight once the registration begins at 8pm, but if it's anything like how it was before when foreign nationals registered, you can refer to our last article.

If you wish to take the shots, you will need a passport / international travel pass / permanent residence permit to book an appointment on the app Healthcare Cloud. For those recipients aged 3-11, the information of the parent / guardian will have to be provided, too.

The above QR code will lead to the registation page directly without having to download the app. Thank god they even provide an English version this time!

Once you have managed to get a slot, bring your passport / international travel pass / permanent residence permit to the hospital you choose. Show your Vaccination Bar Code, sign a form and then you will be able to get the shot. You will need to stay on site for 30 minutes after receiving the vaccination to be monitored for potential reactions.

Foreign recipients from 3-11 years old need to take their vaccination verification (if any), and be accompanied by their parent / guardian. If the parent / guardian isn't able to attend, then the recipient shall be taken by another person with a signed letter of authorisation, a consent letter and a non-responsibility disclaimer.

Currently, all covid doses are domestic ones produced in China, which are priced at 100rmb per shot. Foreigners with a social insurance can take vaccination for free.

International Hospitals Confirmed Giving Boosters:

- JiaHui Hospital

- Sky Clinic