Directory Starter Package
Everything a new business needs to get listed on SmartShanghai and attract the first batch of customers. Includes an upgraded Listing, professional photography, and Banner Ads all in one package!

Key Benefits

  • Pay once, benefit forever: Once upgraded, you benefit from an improved venue listings in our directory for years to come
  • Interior Photos: You'll need interior photos anyway, we'll help you take nice photos and you even own the copyright
  • Lots of exposure: This package comes with plenty of advertising to build a first customer base that help spread the word
    What’s Included
  • 1 Year Premium Venue Listing
    An upgraded venue listing in our directory
    Venue Photography
    Our photographer takes pictures of your venue, you own the copyright
    WeChat Second Post
    Send out your own content to all our WeChat platform subscribers
    1 Month Big Box
    Get more traffic to your content with banner ads on our website and app
Price: ¥ 12,000

1 Year Premium Listing
Enjoy an upgraded Venue Listings for a full year. You get an engaging, comprehensively designed page, all secondary advertisements removed, as well as boosted positions in directory categories, and a stand-out entry in the SmartShanghai app. Valued at RMB 4,200. All details here.
Venue Photography
Our professional interior photographers take professional photos of your venue, to help you stand out on the city's number 1 directory. You own the pictures and can use them in other media too. Valued at 3,800 rmb. All details here
SmartShanghai's editors will visit your place at least once to capture the vibe, and write a custom Editor's Description to give readers an idea of what makes your place unique and well worth a visit.
Our editors will create a short article about your business and we'll send it out to our over 75,000-plus WeChat account subscribers.
1-Month Big Box Ad
Elevate your exposure for a whole month on SmartShanghai. Our unique advertising system allows you to upload up to 7 unique banner designs. This is perfect for clients who have different weekly deals, events, or products. Valued at RMB 7,000

Frequently Asked

  • Will I get to see how many users view my listing ?

    Yes. We'll share a monthly overview how of many times your listing has been shown and how many users clicked into your listing. However, since your listing will show in different apps (our iOS/Android app, the WeChat MiniProgram, the website),at the moment we are not able to track the data from WeChat mini program, therefor the reporting is currently not 100% accurate, it's a bit lower than actual. 

  • Can I submit the venue description or tell SmartShanghai what to write ?

    Editors Descriptions are, as it says, a description of your venue written by our editor. The description is neutral, descriptive, informative, as a service to our users. You may let us know what you think is important for our readers to know about the venue, but ultimatively it's up to our discretion what we write. However, in a Premium Venue Listing you also have the ability to show your own description in which you can describe your business in your own words

  • Where will my listing show on top ?

    Unless a user chooses to browse listings by distances, all our listings are ordered in the following way: Gold listings show on top, then premium listings by popularity, then free listings ordered by popularity. Gold listings can select one category in which they will appear as the first result, and four more categories were they will appear in one of the top spots. Besides that, your listing will be shown with priority in searches and when users browse venues by location. And your listing will appear with a larger image so that it stands out from other listings.

  • How many new customers will I get ?

    A Premium Venue Listing simply means that more of our readers will see your listing, to get as much as new custoners possible. It also depends on your service and products that how many of our readers turn into customers. And while some categories on SmartShanghai are seen by hundreds of visitors every day, other categories receive less traffic.
    SmartShanghai never fakes any numbers and we are committed to honesty: We are not able to tell you how many new customers you'll get from a premium venue listing. It very much depends on how attractive your business is and how much demand there is for your product. 

  • Will you write an article about my venue ?

    If it fits our editorial topics, there might be some round up articles that would include your venue, and we'll feature it in this round up article, however the Premium Venue Listing does not include any individual articles production service, for article promotions, please check more details here: WeChat Content

    Our editors will however be more aware of your business and make sure it will get considered every time we write an article that covers your area of business. You will also have a direct contact person at SmartShanghai so you can pitch us ideas that you think might be interesting for our readers. The Gold Package includes one "Expert Article" which means we'll work together with you on an article and feature your venue as an export on this topic.