Top Banner
Get as many eyes as you can on your event or short term promotion. Our Top Banners reach a huge number of readers in a short amount of time. Top Banners appear on every page of

Key Benefits

  • Conversion: Link directly to as many products you'd like or to an inquiry form for maximum conversion.
  • Traffic: Get traffic to your WeChat account, online shop, or website.
  • Engagement: Engage with our readers with interesting insights into why your product is most suitable for them.
  • Top Banner
  • Top Banner Ad on
    A graphical banner that appears on the most viewed pages of our website and app
    Top Banner Ad on the SmartShanghai App
    A graphical banner that appears on the landing page of our popular app
    WeChat Header Ad
    The same banner appears at the top of one WeChat post
~ 25k
~ 1-4k
Price Per Week ¥ 6,000

Terms & Notes

  • Impressions is an estimate of the number of unique users that should see your ad. The number as calculated as 1) current active WeChat account subscribers (WeChat Second Post) PLUS Website&App Homepage visitors one week (Content Ad) PLUS average Top-Banner unique views (1 Week Top-Banner).
  • Clicks is the number of unique visitors that will click on your ad, or open the WeChat post. Especially for the WeChat post the number of views depends drastically on the attractiveness of the content and how clear your message is being communicated.

Sizes & Instructions

You will need to design two files. A desktop banner and a mobile banner

  • Desktop Banner: 1520 x 360px
  • Mobile Banner: 600 x 520px
  • File Types: Jpg, Gif, Png, WebP
  • Max File Size: 800kb
  • Animation: Allowed
  • Deadline: 1 day before publishing

General Tips

  • Keep it simple. There's no need to include contact information, addresses etc. All this should be shown to users AFTER they click on the banner
  • Have a clear and strong message. You only have a very short moment of a users attention to introduce yourself. Don't waste it. Try to summarize your product or service in less then 6 words.
  • Don't be abstract in your messages. "Spring Season" might be the name of your campaign, but why would a customer be interested in this?
  • Use images wisely. Use images for users to identify what you are offering. If someone needs a laundry service and your ad shows a washing machine, you are more likely to get that click
  • Ask us for help. We are happy to give you feedback, or you try our banner design services. Reach out for details