Content & Banner Bundle
Advertising via SmartShanghai’s official WeChat account and our Website and app gives you the chance to reach over 80,000 active Shanghai-based subscribers. We are a trusted WeChat subscription account that has never sent out advertisements without labeling them as such and we limit paid articles. This makes us unique amongst other high-profile English-language city guide accounts, and ensures that our account is as well-loved and trusted as our website.

Starting from June 2023, click data for WeChat posts is automatically adjusted to market standards

Key Benefits

  • Reach a new Audience You might reach a new audience that isn't following your own account yet
  • Your own content The entire WeChat post is yours, send out any content you like
  • WeChat Conversion Bring new subscribers to your own WeChat subscription account
  • Link to WeChat Stores Link directly to your WeChat stores and sales channels

  • Regular
  • Premium
  • WeChat Second Post
    Send out your own content to all our WeChat platform subscribers
    Content Ad
    Your article displayed for at least one week on our homepage (From Our Partners)
    2 Weeks Big Box
    Our budget-friendly banner for long-term advertising. Build and maintain brand awareness in the Shanghai community.
  • WeChat Top Post
    Our editors will help your team to create an interesting and share-worthy story that will get sent out as the first post to all our subscribers
    Content Ad
    Your article displayed for at least one week on our homepage (From Our Partners)
    1 Week Top-Banner Value: 6,000/week
    Get more traffic to your content with banner ads on our website and app
User Reach *
~ 80k
Clicks **
~ 8-18k
Price 15,000
WeChat Top Post
Content Ad

Frequently Asked

  • Can I pick any publishing date?

    Publishing date will be ups to editorial scedules, but you could choose a date range that you'd like to publish, for example a slot between 20th June -27th June, because sometimes we have last minute changes to our editorial schedule and are not able to secure a specific date but we usually can book in your ad for a specific week.

  • What reporting will you provide?

    For the WeChat post, you will receive a report exported from the official WeChat backend that provides number of recipients and unique clicks ans shares.

    For the Brand Story and Banners, you will receive a report of exposures and clicks directly from SmartShanghai's data analytics tool.

    For Deals & Ticketing, you'll receive the report of total sales, customer's booking info & time. 

  • Will you accept any content to be sent out?

    We will Publish the content is both satisfied by clients and our independent editorial team. Our readers don‘t like boring content. Boring content will not get clicks or shares.
    The requirement for Brand Story and WeChat Content is that the content is super interesting and informative, so our audience will undersatnd your brand and service better, the content should not just be pure advertizing speak, if your First hand material are not achieving this goal, Our professional editors will help you to make it more attractive and interesting.

  • What's the process for paid content?

    For Official WeChat posts we usually discuss a content outline with the clients first, then for Wechat Top post, our editorial team will co-creat the content with you;

    For Wechat 2nd post, the client prepares the content and images, and we help to edit & format according to SmartShanghai's editorial standards, make sure it's more attractive to our audience, and have higher chance to bring more direct inquiries for your business. 

Terms & Notes

  • * User Reach is an estimate of the number of unique users that should see your ad. The number as calculated as 1) current active WeChat account subscribers (WeChat Second Post) PLUS Website&App Homepage visitors one week (Content Ad) PLUS average Top-Banner unique views (1 Week Top-Banner).
  • ** Clicks is the number of unique visitors that will click on your ad, or open the WeChat post. Especially for the WeChat post the number of views depends drastically on the attractiveness of the content and how clear your message is being communicated.