The Wallpaper
Bold, unmissable, high impact. Our Wallpaper appears on every single page of SmartShanghai and at the top of our app, giving you access to a potential 12,000 unique visitors in a single day. The web version opens up in a click to a much larger ad, giving you space to make an attention-grabbing visual statement and follow it up with more detailed promotion of your brand.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum Exposure Exposure on every single page of SmartShanghai. No user can miss this ad.
  • Best Positioning The Wallpaper appears above any other content. Users see it before they see our content
  • The Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper on
    A huge graphical banner that appears on every pages of our website
    Wallpaper on our iOS/Android App
    A banner that appears right on the landing page of our popular app
    WeChat Header Ad
    The same banner appears at the top of one WeChat post
~ 10k
~ 250
Price Per Day ¥ 2,800

Terms & Notes

  • Impressions is an estimate of the number of unique users that should see your ad. The number as calculated as 1) current active WeChat account subscribers (WeChat Second Post) PLUS Website&App Homepage visitors one week (Content Ad) PLUS average Top-Banner unique views (1 Week Top-Banner).
  • Clicks is the number of unique visitors that will click on your ad, or open the WeChat post. Especially for the WeChat post the number of views depends drastically on the attractiveness of the content and how clear your message is being communicated.