Big Box Ads
A more budget friendly advertisement banner that appears in the sidebar of most pages, and also at the bottom of our WeChat posts. It's great for longer term advertising to steadily build up a customer base in Shanghai and increase brand awareness among the English speaking community in Shanghai. If you have an attractive product and a strong message, this is a great tool to spread the word.

Key Benefits

  • Conversion: Link directly to as many products you'd like or to an inquiry form for maximum conversion.
  • Traffic: Get traffic to your WeChat account, online shop, or website.
  • Engagement: Engage with our readers with interesting insights into why your product is most suitable for them.
  • Ongoing Exposure: Your content will be featured for up to 2 years and remain on our site forever.
    Big Box Ads
  • Big Box Ad on
    A graphical banner that appears on most pages of our website and app
    Big Box Ad on the SmartShanghai App
    A graphical banner that appears on the landing page of our popular app
    WeChat Footer Ad
    The same banner appears at the bottom of one WeChat post
~ 25k
~ 1-4k
Price Per Month ¥ 7,000

Terms & Notes

  • Impressions is an estimate of the number of unique users that should see your ad. The number as calculated as 1) current active WeChat account subscribers (WeChat Second Post) PLUS Website&App Homepage visitors one week (Content Ad) PLUS average Top-Banner unique views (1 Week Top-Banner).
  • Clicks is the number of unique visitors that will click on your ad, or open the WeChat post. Especially for the WeChat post the number of views depends drastically on the attractiveness of the content and how clear your message is being communicated.