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The 'Hardest Restaurant to Reserve in Tokyo' Just Opened in the Bellagio
By Mar 13, 2018 Dining
He is Jun Kurogi. He is the "last Iron Chef of Japan." His restaurant, Kurogi, recipient of a Michelin star, is the "hardest restaurant to reserve in Tokyo." Currently, on their website, you can only reserve seats for lunch. For three months in advance. On one day. At a specific time: "Please note that reservation from July to September for lunch time will start at 11:30 on May 29 and only phone call is available." Apparently, the wait for dinner? A year. That's so crazy it's gotta be true. Anyway, Kurogi Shanghai just opened in the Bellagio. More details after the jump.



If the Bellagio Shanghai, the only sister hotel in the world to the palatial Bellagio in Las Vegas, isn't really bowling us over with their conservative, no-casino-having, no fountains-having China version, the F&B program they're doing is certainly attempting to make up for it. Now joining Lago in the Bellagio is Kurogi Shanghai, a Shanghai-filtered off-shoot of the world famous one in Tokyo from the last Iron Chef Jun Kurogi. Kurogi was from the 2012 version, appearing along with Iron Chef China and Iron Chef France.

This is what they're offering with his Shanghai venue:

Kurogi Shanghai will... serve unique Japanese cuisine prepared in a slightly different way from the one used in Kurogi in Tokyo. You won’t be able to enjoy it anywhere else. Each dish will be served to satisfy every single diner, accompanied by Sake, for example. Mr. Kurogi, who is simultaneously a traditionalist and innovator in Japanese cooking, will create a special menu for the new restaurant.

The restaurant opened on March 9 with 38 seats for dining (including private rooms) and 20 seats for drinking and dining. Jun Kurogi himself, known for his Kappo-style cuisine, is on hand.

Re: Getting reservations to the Shanghai one. Ehhh... maybe give them a few weeks.


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