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[Boutique Beat]: Consignment Store Pawnstar’s New Digs
Check out the new shop with its several floors of second-hand goods.
By Oct 23, 2017 Shopping
The new Pawnstar in all its second-hand glory, is in soft open. The consignment shop has been a thing in Shanghai for about two years with a virtual shop and smaller storefront—but it’s moved just a few blocks to a bigger, badder locale. A freshly renovated row house with 4-7 floors (depending on who you ask) of product. And before you say: “Hey, consignment shops aren't a thing here ‘cause culture,” just hang on a sec. It’s a bit more nuanced. But yeah, check out the store. It’s pretty sweet:




What’s on the Racks, Ladders, and Shelves

So much thrifty stuff it'll make your inner dirty hipster sing. Wool coats, funky sweaters, cocktail dresses, pumps, boots, broaches, all of the things. And curated in an artsy way to boot. Like when you’re confronted at the door with a display of imprisoned wooden arms in a birdcage. Then there's the product itself, also arranged intentionally with nicknacks mixed into the racks of vintage and lightly used handbags and shoes. Cool unique little finds.


Costume and designer jewelry, including a Louis Vuitton bangle for 780rmb

In the main room, racks circle around a bright red couch that looks as though it might’ve been swiped from Elizabeth Taylor’s boudoir. This is where you can find the high end stuff, the cocktail dresses, the Marc Jacob pumps. There’s also a little dressing room in the corner. Wind up a narrow wooden staircase (the renovator’s pride and joy) to find men’s clothes on the second floor. Here are lots of suit jackets, ties, shirts, and hats. 50 shades of flannel and other men things for both the conservative and showy.


Tory Burch dress 1,288rmb

The 4th floor is a little less curated with racks of cheaper finds (sweaters, shirts, jeans, dresses). This level also serves as a kind of studio for the store's employees who run a live stream on Mogujie for several hours about 5 days a week. They film themselves picking out trendy finds for the online crowd, which helps move new threads. So, don't be alarmed by the tripod.

What’s It Gonna Cost?

Prices are reasonable bordering on a steal depending on the floor. You can expect dresses to range from 150rmb to about 1,900rmb for the designer stuff. Designer pumps around 1,200rmb and vintage kitten heels in fun colors 399rmb. On the 4th floor you can find sweaters and shirts for under 50rmb. Men's apparel seems to fall mostly at a lower price point, with a range of t-shirts for 50rmb, flannels for 199rmb, and jackets that look new from places like Banana Republic for 130rmb.


The store's got a slew of designer shoes, here are some from Jimmy Choo and Vivienne Westwood

A Full and Complete History of Consignment

Kidding, no one's got time that. But, in a Shanghai specific context the concept of consignment is quickly pooh-poohed by outsiders who cite a stigma from Chinese consumers. According to Nels Frye, who owns Pawnstar along with his wife Jane Jia, certain shifts in China are making consignment desirable.


Nels points to a rising middle class, who not only have disposable income, but have traveled and want to try new things. There's also a growing desire for unique product, stuff that other people can't get. In addition to changes in Shanghai, Pawnstar's online platforms are able to reach 3rd and 4th tier cities, where access to brand clothes at consignment prices is a rarity. And there's always the desire for designer goods at a discounted price.

It's just like Macklemore said: "331rmb for a t-shirt that's some ignorant beach shiiiiiit."

Or something like that.


Retro purses about 880rmb, crab 399rmb


No. 6, Lane 64 Fenyang Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Consigning: Go in with some gently used stuff and get cash or store credit. They take all kinds of things from costume dresses to designer bags to kids clothes. They're currently looking to expand their men's section, so calling all fashionistos.

You can also check out their website, but the best way to find and purchase new product is through their wechat: newpawnstar.

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