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Eco Village: The Green Tianzifang
Shanghai's first shopping and community events center for all things green -- here's a rundown of what they've got going on over there.
By Apr 18, 2013 Shopping
Eco Village is a new building complex on Fenglin Lu that houses businesses and brands whose work is somehow driven by sustainable lifestyle principles. It’s meant to be a kind of one-stop shop for all things green: clothing and accessories, beauty and personal care products, wellbeing services, organic foods and so on. But it’s also being informally referred to as the “green Tianzifang” because the developers behind the Village want something a little more than just a mega mall.

There are big plans for Eco Village to become Shanghai’s hub for eco-friendly types to buy, shop, eat, learn and play. The chief organizers behind the development of the Village—natural personal care company Eco & More—have cast a wide net into the waves of local hippiedom, bringing together an assortment of businesses and services that’s turning the place into a veritable playground for folks of the tree-hugging variety.

Clothing from Finch, kitchenware from Bambu, handbags from Somos Design and pillows from Coco-mat on display at Eco Village’s Multibrand Store

ASIG Design is an interior and furniture design company with a boutique selling items like dimmable LED lighting, natural scented oils and candles and hand-woven carpets from India.

Eco & More’s shop, selling natural shampoos, soaps and moisturizers. Natural handmade candles, eco-safe pillow cleaner, fruit and vegetable wash, floor cleaner and laundry detergent coming soon.

The Village also houses some unconventional and underappreciated businesses such as The Little Green Door, a holistic wellness and spiritual healing center that offers services like soul realignment, auric field healing and protection against psychic attacks. Revita, Shanghai’s first oxygen bar and holistic detox center, is set to open later this year. There will also be exercise and wellbeing centers teaching things like Sivananda Yoga, therapeutic nutrition and body detox, all coming within the next year.

The Little Green Door’s healing room

Lots of colorful rocks that do stuff to your soul

Apart from that, Eco & More is also working with local non-profits and green businesses to hold classes and workshops. Kitchen composting is a popular one, as well as an aquaponics series that helps urbanites set up self-watering systems for plants and gardens hitherto suffering from big city neglect.

Eco Village's workshop space

Greenhouse-style event space at Eco Village, which has already played host to events like TEDx Talks and JUE Festival film screenings.

A lot of the businesses at Eco Village are still in the prep stage, such as the new branch of designer accessories store mrkt, so the complex is still looking a little unfinished right now. Workshops and events are regularly held, though, so attending one might be a good way to check out what else might be popping up there in the coming months. More info on upcoming events here.
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