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Southern Belle

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5403 3218


433 Changle Lu,
near Xiangyang Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Shanxi Rd (S), 5 mins. walk


Daily, 11am-2am




$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


Daily, 2-7pm: buy one get one free draft beer.

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Editor's Description
Last updated: August 28, 2013

Southern Belle is a bar paying homage to the culture of the Southern US. It's a smaller place, drinks being their main focus (heavy handed pours), but they also have a small kitchen doing sandwiches (Lone Star Corned Beef, Rueben James, Pastrami Po' Boy) and southern pastries (Mississippi Mud Pie, Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Lemon Pie, and more). It's coming from sports bar terrain, but it's classier with a fuller menu of cocktails, less crap all over the walls, and emphasis on group drinks rather than sporting events. On their two big screen TVs they're going to do movie nights and TV shows (i.e. "Dukes of Hazard"). They also have a BBQ fired up every day in the summer.

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Jul 20th, 2012


Joined Nov/09
Posted 7 Reviews
From: Canadian

I've been to Southern Belle on a few occasions and was always drawn back by the casual atmosphere, the attentive staff, good value and tasty drinks. I'm not so knowledgeable about the intricacies of Southern food, and if Southern Belle is what it's supposed to be I can't say that it's anything approaching haute cuisine. I would best describe what I've eaten there as comfort food, and I've enjoyed their chili, and bbq. chicken a few times. The place is super tacky, but like most super tacky places it can be pretty fun if you can get over your anal retentiveness. The thing I like the most is their Mississippi Mudslide, which is a spiked vanilla/chocolate milkshake. Delicious, and having two of them will make you right randy.

One more thing, the boss in there... This guy is a real character. Older fellow with a cigar butt hanging out of his mouth and a big silly grin. Guaranteed this guy will come over to your table and chat you up a bit, and unless you suffer from a mild mental retardation you will most likely enjoy it.

By all means, not a place to go for a formal dinner, but it's a really funny place to go for something to eat, a nice drink and relax in a pleasant atmosphere.
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May 7th, 2012


Joined May/12
Posted 2 Reviews
From: American

Southern Belle

"Southern Hell"

I promised myself I wouldn't get angry writing this. I however have been described as a "southern scoundrel". I am prone to emotional fits. My southern blood is too rich for this Chinese air. And I hate irony.

This restaurant is a mockery of all things southern. You cannot make a restaurant "southern" by putting up wood accents and an Alabama flag. What you are doing is trying to peddle tasteless primarily rice based dishes with mush toppings as "cajun". Let me educate you on something, Southern Hell. I am from the deep south....the gulf shore to be precise. I know restaurants intimately from North Carolina to New Orleans. I spent summers in Louisiana growing up. Every year I take friends on a multi state tour of my favorite southern restaurants. You are a scandalous insult to all things below the Mason Dixon line.

This is where I..the black hearted southern scoundrel...tear apart your menu piece by piece. To quote your website "Southern Belle is a celebration of the American South". What south are you talking about? Not my south. Where are you from exactly? You have achieved a rare thing. I consider your menu to be a personal affront. I lament the very existence of your restaurant. You claim authentic "UNC Chapel Hill" southern food. I brought a dining partner from UNC Chapel Hill. She actually cried from disappointment mid meal. Nice work.

Red Beans And Rice- Where is the sausage as advertised? There isn't one solitary morsel of meat in this dish. If you indeed know BBQ as you advertise, then there is absolutely no excuse for not having chunks of delicious smoked sausage in this dish. You don't even have a lesser meat. There is no meat.

Cajun Jambalaya- New Orleans called. They are pissed. Your "Bayou staple" is a disgusting mush of overcooked rice and little else. You advertise "rice, beans, sausage, dijon mustard and spices". What you SERVE is rice. Tasteless mushy rice with NO meat (seeing a theme yet?) or appropriate spice. Cmon man. You know this is NOT jambalaya. You were NOT served this anywhere in the South. You've got to be kidding me. This is not only insulting but just plain highway robbery.

Cajun Shrimp Gumbo- Boy, you sure love the word cajun. When you wrote the menu, did you think "If I add cajun to the title of dishes, they will sell". I was horrified when I saw this dish. You serve a heaping pile of RICE...again. Gumbo is sauce/soup based from a nice roux with rice added into the mix of roux, meat and spices. You...again...serve a pile of rice with toppings. That is NOT gumbo. You again are selling fake southern entrees by selling rice with toppings and claiming it is authentic southern food.

Texas Chili- You "went through the ringer to make this right"? Dear god. Another meatless dish. All you can taste in this dish is heat. You have overspiced what is a simple chili and made it overwhelming with one taste flavor. Chili is supposed to be a blend of flavors and textures. is the case with all your other "southern staples" is mush. Disgusting mush with none of the flavor, spices, meat or textures as advertised.

Chattanooga Chicken- You couldn't even spell the city right, let alone serve me something not overcooked and bland. Spellcheck your menu, "southern" guy.

An insult to all things southern. Myself included. You should be ashamed. Take the word restaurant off your menu and stick with the s "bar" part. I hear you have good bourbon.

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