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Southern Belle

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5403 3218


433 Changle Lu,
near Xiangyang Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Shanxi Rd (S), 5 mins. walk


Daily, 11am-2am




$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


Daily, 2-7pm: buy one get one free draft beer.

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Editor's Description
Last updated: August 28, 2013

Southern Belle is a bar paying homage to the culture of the Southern US. It's a smaller place, drinks being their main focus (heavy handed pours), but they also have a small kitchen doing sandwiches (Lone Star Corned Beef, Rueben James, Pastrami Po' Boy) and southern pastries (Mississippi Mud Pie, Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Lemon Pie, and more). It's coming from sports bar terrain, but it's classier with a fuller menu of cocktails, less crap all over the walls, and emphasis on group drinks rather than sporting events. On their two big screen TVs they're going to do movie nights and TV shows (i.e. "Dukes of Hazard"). They also have a BBQ fired up every day in the summer.

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Jun 20th, 2014

shanghailive herenow

Joined Jun/14
Posted 1 Reviews
From: American

Don't get me wrong,
the bald guy is nice,
but he is too much there, sucking his disgusting tobacco all the time and talking to customers
who wants to be eating while this man approaches a table and talks and talks and talks and doesn't stop

food is good
the waitresses are beautiful
the music sucks when its live, a Chinese playing country music is like a German dancing Samba.....not good at all

anyways come for the food

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