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Restaurant Review Of The Week & 500rmb Sherpa's Voucher

By Nov 9, 2015 Dining
Another week, another 500rmb for some lucky soul who ate at a restaurant and took the twenty minutes to write about it.

User 'Businessinchina' told us that My Little Italian Kitchen is "decent mall Italian food", and solid for lunch meetings. User 'milksteak' went in deep about the newest member of the Mr. Pancake House empire and something called "Dynamic Currency Conversion". 'Sethharvey7' really likes Hai Di Lao -- "overwhelmed" by the service, in fact: "We arrived at 8:45pm, and did not leave until 2am." Just living' it up. 'GanMa' praised Southern Belle as a "solid, hipster/wanker free place to have a drink". 'Idris' digs Vedas, and DCSH loves Urban Soup Kitchen. (SRSLY?)

Who's slipping? Who's falling off? According to 'calatrava', Five-Star Hainanese Chicken Rice in Jing'an. He/she also characterized the Bahn Mi at Wishbone as "bogus". Finally, 'sharpieincluded' dug the food at D.O.C. but had nothing but sheer contempt for the service.

And our winner this week is…'milksteak'. Really broke it down about Mr. Pancake House, a place that, like Ayis, Lawson, Gandolf Hobo, and Manhattan, is just a Shanghai institution. For that, we have 500rmb in sweet Sherpa's money for you. Congrats.

We do this every week. If you ate somewhere -- good or bad -- tell us about it. Thanks to everyone who contributed last week.



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  • milksteak

    Oh snap! Thanks for the pick! How do I get my voucher? :)

    As for DCC, it's not about the few bucks here and there that is worth whining about. it's the principle!

    A lot of us want to use cards for daily expense to rack up credit card points or airline points as normal - yeah it's a cash country and using cash isn't a problem, but Shanghai is relatively credit card friendly. A lot of us want to keep using the credit card for points earning, and with more f/x fee-free cards these days - it makes this "smart spending" still viable here. Or even if it's not about points to some - it could be cashless convenience (coming from an America who hates cash). A little google homework on practicality of using of cards in China led me to this:

    Shoot, you can do a great article on smartshanghai about it. It's worth looking at if you are trying to be a credit card user in Shanghai. Amex is free of DCC. Visa and MC are not.

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