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[A Bunch of F&BS]: News and Rumors from Shanghai’s Dine & Drink Circuit

Sep 23, 2016 | 13:18 Fri
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.
The big F&B goss this week — besides the managers of Tock’s setting off a Defcon 1 WeChat nuclear assault on their former place of employ — is, of course, the Michelin man coming to town. Dude outfits you with reliable, weather-tested tires for your Dodge Charger; also points you to the finest restaurants in the world. What range. The Michelin restaurant list has been met with overwhelmingly negative reviews from everyone I’ve talked to, keeping in mind the people I talk to are 99.999999% surly white dudes who have been staring into sun for at least a decade. In the off chance you’ve never seen a magazine before and haven’t come across this list yet, decide for yourself right here.


Casualty Report: Closures Around Town

Le Bordelais (Wuding Lu)

The French wine chain is shuttering their Wuding Lu location this weekend, slashing 50% of all their stock to make way for the move. Whatever the original price was, 50% off said price sounds like a great deal. That’s September 23 to September 25 — drink there or take a bottle (or several) with you.

The Rooster

The YKL bar is also saying goodbye this weekend “after 4 years of broken glasses, toppled scooters, and enough water poured on us to power a small dam.” As is the Yongkang Lu way, they’re closing down by drinking the place dry, and even getting a little extra beer from Boxing Cat Brewery to commit honorable drunken sepeku on. Their own “Cock-a-doodle-Brew“ is just 30rmb all day. The Rooster still has their other venue in Jing’an, thus living to make cock puns another day.

✝ Shanghai Bakery

Also, Shanghai’s favorite son Ox — that lovely Frenchman is a pillar that holds up the sky in this city, for-real — is closing his own The Shanghai Bakery this weekend to move to a larger venue. He says goodbye to the 9-meter bakery on Yanping Lu and hello to a new space in Anken Air. You can expect… as he says: “BIGGER, STRONGER BUT SAME PRINCIPLES”. Strange. That’s MY life philosophy! But yeah, dude can use the caps lock. He’s earned it.

Southern Belle


The southern BBQ and drinks bar and resto is done for good on September 30 after 7 years in business. Seems the landlord has sold the building and their lease isn’t being renewed. They're hosting 50% off on food and drinks from September 26 to September 30 to clear out their pantry. No plans to move the operation to a new location.

Xinle Cafe

Formerly known around these parts as serving an impressive for all the wrong reasons burger, and Seahorse Sushi, a long-running sushi restaurant at the corner of Yan’an and Fumin Lu. Both of those are pretty fine locations; we’ll be watching to see what goes in.

Tai'an Table

Via Shanghai Lander comes the sad news that Stefan Stiller's restaurant Tai'an Table has temporarily closed. This comes just two days after the restaurant received one Michelin star, making this (probably) the shortest-lived Michelin star restaurant in the history of the awards.


Ken Walker, the "Bubba in Bubba's'" has announced that the down-home Texas bar and BBQ will be closing by end of November. Bubbas has been one of the longest running Western restaurants in Shanghai. At their peak they've operated three locations in the city. They'll be doing one more of their popular Chili Cook-off this October before closing.

New and Impending Openings

Vedas now has a second branch in Hongqiao, where Bukhara used to be. Vedas — obviously playing the long game. Taking 30 years in Shanghai to get it absolutely perfect and then inching out to Hongqiao. Well played, dependable Indian cuisine restaurant.

glo London now has a second location in Thames Town. So like… you can go there after you get your wedding photos done. Have a brekkie. Watch the footie. Just ‘aving a laugh.

Chateau Dionne is now open in a two-floor space at Jianguo and Yueyang Lu. They say: “Chateau Dionne, belongs to the Group Dionne Wines. Its a fine Dining French Restaurant filled with wine from all over the world. The first floor is reserved for the bar and kitchen, where you can take a look at our French Chef. The Dining area is located on the second Floor as well as 5 balconies.” Magnifique?

Papa Pasta is a mid-range-looking Italian place opening on Xiangyang Lu, right next to Yasmine’s. I’m picturing someone’s dad serving spaghetti and meatballs. Like a big, gregarious fatman throwing pasta into the air and just laughing, laughing, laughing all night long as pasta sails through the air… will stop by when they fully open to confirm this indeed to be true.

Doc Guthrie’s opening in a branch in Pudong and in Hong Kong. Trust a shop in Jing’an to leave the whole world looking sharp. Congrats to them on the expansion(s).

Unico’s: The latest on their restaurant: looking at October for table bookings.

Styx is opening somewhere in Xuhui. And it sounds good. Or at least it did. I can’t tell you anymore than that because I lost my phone with all the information in it. If you see an iPhone 5 with a phone case that says “What the Fuck”, email me bud. Seriously. It’s got dick pics on it. Seriously. (…Seriously.)

Rouge Bouchon is open. They’re a “small wine bar that specializes in French burgundy wines, however, some Bordeaux, Cote du Rhone and Pays d'Oc wines can also be found. All the wines are directly imported from France and quality of the wines is assured.” C’est bon.

Lab Farine on Huashan Lu near Wukang Lu. You guys done construction yet?

Opposite Restaurant is now open at 222 Jianguo Lu, serving “Modern European Cuisine” in a lovely-looking space, along with drinks via Allen Hsu of Flask and LAB. Sounds like I’ll have to wash the one collar shirt I own and check that out.

Bistro Burger is opening a new shop on Hengshan Lu — a piece of information I inherited. Thanks, Ian.

Funkadeli was a victim of the YKL (half) shutdown, but they say they'll be taking over the old Dolce Vita spot on Fumin Lu. Hurray.

Gana Spanish Restaurant & Bar is now open on 86 Weifang Xi Lu. They serve: “seafood paella, pizza, steak, salad, hamburger.” Ole?

Albero: Speaking of Spanish, this new high-end Spanish resto in the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai is now open for all your high-end Spanish resto needs. You have several.


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