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Shanghai's Testing Out This New Visa for Entrepreneurs
By Aug 3, 2018 Business
Have you dreamed of setting up your own malt gelato stand in Shanghai, but couldn't find enough time between tri-monthly visa runs? According to China Briefing, Shanghai's been testing out a new visa especially designed for entrepreneurs in select districts, including Changning and Yangpu. Called the "business start-up visa" (创业签证), it grants the holder, among other things, a 1 year residence in the country, with the option to extend or transfer, and some leeway in conducting market research, getting a lease, hiring staff, etc. Big note is that it's valid for individuals who might not be eligible for other visas.


This visa can work for graduates with no working experience or people over the age of 60, but of course as always there are some catches...

The Bad News: First, it's still just a pilot program. Second, the visa can only be extended if you've managed to actually set up a company. Third, you have to submit an "entrepreneurship or investment related certificate from certain economic development zones, high-tech parks, or corporate incubator spaces designated by the government."

So it's not just setting up shop in your kitchen.

The Good News: The visa's valid for foreigners looking to invest in and/or innovate in business, foreign students who have graduated from a Chinese university who have "the willingness to innovate," and recent outstanding overseas graduates from elite universities in China and abroad.

We get the feeling "innovation" is going to be an important factor in decided whether you get accepted or not. Craft malt gelato. Now with blockchain.

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