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This Looks Good: Shanghai SOUP on Sunday

By Oct 19, 2017 Community


What brings us together more than soup? Nothing, the answer is nothing brings us together like soup. Here’s a networking event centered around a pot of the good stuff, aptly named Shanghai SOUP, that doubles as communal meal and a micro-grant fundraiser. During dinner you’ll get pitched by four projects and then vote on who did it best, the favorite winning the collective pot of entry fees. The speakers for this Sunday are set, a preview after the jump.


Some Background:

Shanghai SOUP has been around for a year, started by Matthew Hollas and David Wellstead two guys with education backgrounds. They modeled it off of the 'Detroit SOUP' model, which brings interesting projects to light, while inviting the larger community to learn about and interact with them. It also serves as a way for projects to raise funds. Here's a cute diagram on how it works.

Preview of Sunday's Presenters

Project 1: Tbird Luv's Transformative Arts Consulting program called "Fearless Creative Expression" is basically personal development through music, physical training, and mindfulness. They've also got some health & wellness products for sale.

Project 2: We and Equality seeks to raise awareness on gender through original content on WeChat and bi-weekly events. The goal is for young Chinese to enjoy their life regardless of the gender they identify with.

Project 3: FayeFashion is an indie fashion brand that seeks to use environmentally friendly materials and construct their stuff by hand. Their designs are also inspired by traditional Chinese style.

Project 4: A bi-weekly podcast called 'Lookin’ for Laowai' that takes a critical look at the expat bubble including thoughts and feeling from local Chinese and some expats themselves.

on Sun Oct 22 2017

Shanghai SOUP with LadyFest

MIXPACE Carlowitz - 3/F, 255 Jiangxi Zhong Lu, near Jiujiang ...

The soup's being served Sunday from 5.30-8pm, with a 50rmb cover. Get on the guest list by signing up here. October's event is being held in partnership with Ladyfest.



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