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Cult Party House The Mansion Finds a New Home, Plans to Open in June
By May 10, 2019 Nightlife
Oh my god. The Mansion people are at it again. Never ones to stop at a good idea, they are coming back with a 600 square meter space in the basement of a Xuhui mall this June, with one idea per square meter. What! Oh that's not even the half of it. 3NTRY, as it's called, will use "advanced technology to cure your soul, make you more healthy and more friendly", according to the force behind the project (and The Mansion before that), Rainbow Gao. Sure, sure, but will they have spaceships! Yes. They will have spaceships.

As Gao explained the multi-part venue, which includes one of everything from VIP room where you can "order" DJs to a closed-loop eco-friendly roof farm complete with fish living in irrigation water, deep breath, there will also be "energy recharging stations" using Japanese technology, in the shape of spaceships, that you can pop into for 20 minutes to cure your stiff neck, stomach pains or nagging belief in science.

But will there be parties going until 6am! Yes, there will still be parties going til 6am, with DJs DJs DJs, and a secret door steps away from the Metro exit. Also, a co-working space and eco-toilets collecting human waste that can be distilled back into purified which can be... I don't know, actually, didn't want to ask where that water ends up. Cocktail ice? Shudder. SHUDDER. So, yeah, The Mansion is coming back as crazy and ambitious as ever. This time around you can't live there, but it doesn't mean you can't spend 24 hours there, from vegetables to fish to sustainable DJs. Shine on, Rainbow, shine on.

3NTRY opens in mid-June 2019.


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