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Dagu Lu Gets Told You Can't Sit On The Terrace Anymore
By Jun 15, 2017 Nightlife
Just in time for summer, every patio, terrace, porch and square-inch of outdoor seating on Dagu Lu has been kindly told to take their shit indoors. Word is, around last Thursday, the powers-that-be insisted that everything outside had to be taken in. Venues have been a little reticent about going on record with the specifics, but we talked to some anonymously and they insinuated that neighbor complaints from the Top Of City residential complex upstairs may have been the cause.


So, that sucks. Dagu's got some of the nicer street-side porches in the city, and the whole road seems dead with everyone forced to huddle indoors under the aircon. Venues affected include Bar Gatsby, Caxton, The Hop Project. Cafe Des Stagiares, Shanghai Republik, La Bota, Wheat Paradox, Foam Heaven and Park 91 Club.

Cafe Des Stagiares' patio... *sniff*

No word on how long this state of affairs will continue. Some seem to suggest it'll die down in short order, others suggest it might take until next summer before the chairs and tables creep out again. Either way, real blow to Dagu Lu. Hope that gets sorted out ASAP.

Some venues (Hop Project) have suggested alternative uses for their outdoor spaces; improvised putting greens. Maybe kiddie pools. Horseshoes. Petanque. Standing roulette and/or craps tables. Jungle gyms. One enormous, communal ashtray.

We'll update as/if we learn more.


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