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[Tested]: Making a Cake with a Rice Cooker in 20 Minutes

"You can make a cake in your rice cooker in just 20 minutes" -- this sounds like a brilliant idea. So last week we tried this cake mix.
By Feb 22, 2017 Dining


"With UgaUga, you can make a cake in your rice cooker in just 20 minutes - you don't even need an oven!" -- this sounds like a brilliant idea for the creative but lazy. So last week as a way to celebrate Valentine's day, we tried this cake mix from Israeli company UgaUga, a startup that entered the Shanghai market late last year, currently only selling their products on Wechat.

The package arrived just the next day after we placed the order, and they sent us three different flavors instead of just the two that we ordered. No complaints there. So far UgaUga has three flavors available: classic chocolate, "vanilla berry scandal" and "chocolate & nuts brownie crush". Each is sold for 42rmb, and cheaper if you buy the combos.

Inside the A4-sized box are a bag of cake mix, two small bags of garnish (in our case white chocolate coins and walnuts), a measurement bag, a heart-shaped container, and simple step-by-step instructions. You'll also need two eggs, some oil, and water to make it tasty -- things that most human beings have in their kitchen at anytime I believe.

The process couldn't be simpler: basically, throw everything in a bowl and mix them until you think they look fine. Then pour the mixture into the cake pan. It already tastes quite good like this!

After adding some water to the rice cooker by using their measurement bag, our cake fit perfectly in the cooker. But if yours is not as small as ours, maybe don't put too much water in it. Close the lid and press "cook", and your cake will be ready in twenty minutes.

It seems the level of skill required to make this cake can be mastered by an eight-year-old child. And we were very happy with the end result. The cake looked similar to the picture on their packaging. Despite the fact that the white chocolate coins have turned yellow, the chocolate brownie is about a few shades darker than real chocolate, and a potential risk of triggering trypophobia. It was sweet, rich and spongy, but not firm enough to resemble a real chocolate brownie. Just from the look of it, you couldn't tell it was made from a rice cooker at all.

Feeling complacent about the success of our first attempt, we tried the strawberry one using the exact same approach (or at least from what I can recall).

And this is how it turned out:

Kinda looks like a scene out of Hannibal.

The middle of the cake was still mushy, and it's impossible to remove it from the container without tearing the heart apart. Strawberry jam was really thin too. But there was no way we were going to let it go to waste.

For someone who has zero experience in making a cake, there's still a 50% success rate it seems. But it does save you from the trouble of cleaning up the mess afterward, as most of the stuff can be thrown away, and it doesn't leave much of a trace in your rice cooker either.

You probably can't use a UgaUga cake to impress your significant other without letting them know how lazy you are, however, it's good enough to satisfy your cake craving and brighten up your life a little bit, especially on a gloomy day when you don't feel like going out.


"Tested" is our column where we check out new goods and services. We see if they're worth you're time and money so you don't have to.



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