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Spooky Workouts and Scary Good Deals

By Oct 25, 2017 Health & Wellbeing


Hey ya’ll Halloween is approaching and gyms are taking note with monster mash-ups from FitFam, Spinback Fitness, and Feel Good Fitness. More un-themed workouts for those who don’t like to have fun and deals for those who like to save that green. A new gym opens on Hongqiao Lu and we've got updates from Dragon Space Yoga, Park Climbing Gym, and more. Get ready, get set, go.


Upcoming Events

Shanghai's favorite community workout group FitFam does Halloween with an "amazing race" with over 10 locations. Follow the link for details and for the QR code to reserve. Runs all day Saturday and costs 150rmb a person (includes lunch).

on Tue Oct 31 2017

Spooky Spins

Spinback Fitness (Jiashan Lu) - B416, 4/F, 98 Jiashan Lu, near Fuxing Zhon...

Spinback Fitness is offering a chance to spin among Halloween decor, cause there ain't no motivator like fear. They'll be three spirited classes: 7pm at Jiashan and 6pm and 7.30pm at Wuding Lu. Costs 150rmb (normal rate). Book online.

Also: On November 11 they'll be having a 12-hour Charity Spinathon from 8am-8pm for 200rmb. Proceeds will go to Heart2Heart Shanghai and Shanghai Animal Rescue.

on Fri Oct 27 2017

FeelGood Scavenger Hunt

Feel Good Fitness - Suite 4C, Bldg 5, 288 Dagu Lu, near Chengd...

Here's a Halloween scavenger hunt with Feel Good Fitness. Dress up, work out by running around, and driiiiiiiink (after, during, both?). Kicks off at 7pm, Costs 180rmb. Call: 6323 3865 to get a spot.

on Sat Oct 28 2017

Yeyu App Rooftop Fitness Day

SmSh Territory - Shanghai

Free rooftop workout alert sponsored by Yeyu App and FitHearts. All in the name of making Shanghai a little healthier, it'll be a mix of workouts and sports. Runs from 11am-4pm at AirPark (433 Yuyuan Lu, No. 8, 4F, near Wulumuqi Bei Lu).

on Sat Oct 28 2017

Pink Yoga & Sports Day

Crystal Galleria - 68 Yuyuan Lu, near Changde Lu

Here's a full day of workouts to raise awareness for breast cancer from newly launched fitness platform BYMB, along with LesMills fitness group and Lululemon. The flyer's got the full schedule. There'll be a free yoga class, after that 68rmb per class or 150rmb for all classes.

on Sun Oct 29 2017

BYMB Art X Yoga

Himalayas Center - 1108 Meihua Lu, near Fangdian Lu

Build Your Mind & Body, offers a chance to do yoga in a museum, surrounded by over 450 pieces of Italian Renaissance art. 180rmb gets you a stretch led by yogi master Dario Calvaruso and an after-hours museum tour (regular admission: 100rmb). Starts 6.30pm.

on Thu Nov 9 2017

The Modern Women of Wellness

Paper - Lane 622, Bldg 8, Huaihai Zhong Lu, near S...

You're invited to learn from five women who are leaders in the health and fitness field. Workout and healthy eating demos, as well as some life coaching will be in the mix. And it's free. Starts 7pm. Email: to reserve a spot.

New Gyms and What They’re Offering

XJ Sports

1921 Hongqiao Lu, near Hongxu Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

XJ Sports has just opened its doors at the Xijiao Hotel (they already had the sports center for guests, but XJ's for the public). It's not just machines here, they've also got tennis courts, badminton courts, a pool, bowling alley, and a yoga studio. For its opening XJ's offering 20% off annual membership, which is a whopping 25,000rmb for a year.

But hey... they've got a bowling alley.

Check it out by appointment amidst your Halloween hangover, the offer ends November 1. The math is... 20,000rmb for the yearly membership with that discount.

Z&B Fitness on Changle Lu

14/F, 1219 Changle Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


We already mentioned this new one in our last column but Morgan actually goes to it (seriously) and can offer even more valuable, valuable insight into this one:

Morgan: They've been open for a few weeks but have only just gotten the weight machines in this week, so now it's exactly like the popular Golden Eagle Square one -- even to the number of machines -- except this one's changing rooms are very much nicer and bigger (speaking to the guys). It's even got a sauna, which I have seen no one use. In terms of randomly being blindsided by dongs in said changing room, I've only seen one... so yeah, they've got to step up their game in this regard! Obvi! Gym memberships work for both locations. General price is 500rmb per month for 6 months. Bit of leeway with that number depending on how much longer or shorter you sign up for.

News From the Ground


The entry room at Dragon Space, photo provided by the studio

Last column highlighted new-ish yoga studio Dragon Space Yoga. This quaint studio tucked into a residential area offers small classes so you can really work on your technique, and Xiaohui (owner and primary teacher) is not afraid to call you out for the sake of improving your practice. Though there are classes for all, the focus at this studio is pre and postnatal care. Xiaohui plans to have a free trial each Sunday through November, there's a free Postnatal Recover Yoga Workshop this Sunday.

Park Climbing Gym is still very much in soft open, but the walls are all prepped for climbing if you just grab a belay buddy; though the crowd is friendly you can usually find one there. Also the slackers, those people that slackline (balance on a rope) will be setting up shop in the gym for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Camel Group's gym F45 that opened this summer, has an 8-week challenge that kicked off mid-October. You, meaning anyone, meaning you don't have to be a member, can access the recipes and meal plans for free. Also if you want to join in on the full challenge with workouts, it's not too late but you won't be in the running to win prizes.

Orange Theory Fitness has moved its opening date back to December. Founding memberships are still available and founders should be able to access the gym early around mid-November. Stay tuned. ("Founder's Rate" is 1,600rmb a month for unlimited classes if you get in there now by calling 021-6031-4777 to make an appointment.)

And Also…

Have you ever looked at the Shanghai Tower and thought, I want to climb that. Well, on November 26 contestants both professional and amateur will climb the building's 119 stories in hopes of winning the 80,000rmb prize. And you know, for the story.

If you want to be one of those climbers check here for more dets.



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