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Green Common is Delivering 10 Kuai Beyond Meat Burgers Until Friday

Snagging a meatless burger without having to break the bank.
2021-03-02 12:00:00

This is a good deal: Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant Green Common, which we covered a few weeks ago, is currently dishing out 9.9rmb Beyond Meat burgers (pictured above) from now until the end of Friday. If planning on grabbing this burger and dining in, know that you are going to have to generate a membership account with the restaurant. However, you can skip the whole signing-up thing and order delivery through JSS – a new food delivery platform that we have written about before.

A ten kuai burger? That's about 64.1rmb cheaper than the similar burger Charlie's was charging for. We just ordered a few to the office this afternoon and the team's responses ranged from "good deal" to "closer to tasting like real meat than what Burger King has". Try it for yourself and click HERE. It's entirely plant-based (vegan mayo, black pepper sauce, mushrooms, lettuce, Beyond Meat patty and two soft buns).


Are you a vegan/vegetarian foodie and enjoy burgers? We are seeking volunteers for an upcoming article to test meat-free burgers in Shanghai. Reach out to us if you are interested in joining.