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Charlie's Just Launched a Beyond Burger. It's Kind of Expensive.

By Aug 21, 2020 Dining
Charlie's has just launched a Beyond Meat burger, becoming the first (the first? I think so) dedicated burger place to put the American meat analog on its menu. Prices are — well, they aren't cheap. A single burger, which is actually two thin patties, is 74rmb on, and a double, which is four patties, is 119rmb. That's... more expensive than most places selling beef. But hey, all tech is expensive when it first comes out, I suppose, and as far as food tech goes, making meat out of plants is probably the most advanced. Also, the wholesale cost of Beyond Meat is three times the price of beef. I ordered the double for lunch yesterday, delivery, of course. How was it? Not bad! Expensive! Pretty ok! I'd still rather have a beef burger but I don't have diet restrictions. If you're a vegetarian or vegan or just don't eat beef for whatever reason, this is def a bold new world for you. Available at all Charlie's locations and for delivery.



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  • 6 months ago Donny Who Loved Bowling Unverified User

    "Meatish" has a nicer ring to it...

  • 6 months ago Burger Lover Unverified User

    Did not taste good or like meat. Beyond Taste is more appropriate name.