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New Food Delivery Platform JSS Is Launching in Shanghai

Is it possible for another delivery platform to break into Shanghai?
2021-02-05 12:00:00
Quick Take: A new bilingual delivery service enters Shanghai that has restaurants you can't find on other platforms

Many delivery services have come and gone. There’s a new one in town aiming to make a splash in Shanghai.

Enter a new contender

JSS, a bilingual delivery platform that's been in Beijing for 10 years and also operates in Europe, are breaking ground in our little world. They are joining the ranks of DiDi and Chope, with having their very own buttons on SmartShanghai's venue listings.

They are on a mission to fix two things in the delivery business: A) operating on lower commission rates so restaurants make more profit, and B) providing more customer support for individual restaurants. Read past the fold to see why JSS thinks you should give them a try, and also for some juicy insider industry secrets.

The JSS Delivery Button on the APP, can't miss it!

Lower Commissions for Restaurants: Traditionally restaurants pay high commissions of up to 35% to delivery platforms (on top of the fees paid by the customer). JSS however enters the Shanghai market by charging restaurants a significantly lower fee, meaning more restaurants are willing to deliver through them. There are a lot of good restaurants on there right now that aren't on other bilingual delivery sites. More on that further down.

One-to-One Delivery: Ever order on Eleme and wonder why the driver is driving in circles? It’s because your food is traveling with him on multiple stops on his route. With a one-to-one delivery, your food makes a beeline for your door. In theory, this should result in shorter delivery times.

Free delivery Within 3km: For people reading this who live in areas with solid options nearby, that’s going to be a very generous value proposition.

Restaurant Specific Vouchers: As a new platform, JSS is giving 2,000rmb vouchers to every restaurant that signs up. If you dine in at one of these places, ask for a JSS voucher.

Helping with Sustainable Packaging: No one wants to die in a fire. We all care about climate change, right? Well, it's a nice thing that JSS is helping interested venues source sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Larger Delivery Radius, Thank God: While other delivery services limit their range to 5km, JSS currently delivers up to 20km further than them. So you Qingpu, Hongqiao, and Pudong folks now have more options.

“Express Delivery”: This feature is in BETA. For those of us who don’t know how to use shansong (the same-day delivery service that zips things across the city), we no longer have to order DiDi’s to ship a jar of homemade pickles from our place to our friends. Pay for the "Hand-to-Hand" Delivery, and their cheerful staff will call you up to get the drop-off details in English.

50rmb Off Your First Order: Go get free food. Why not. And if you order from a place within 3km, that's gonna be some savings.

The JSS Delivery Button on the Desktop. Tap that button to get dropped off on restaurant page

“As underdogs, we have a lot more flexibility in the market, and can therefore tailor solutions for each restaurant. The current delivery market causes 'less than ideal' circumstances with delivery partners, because restaurants just haven’t had other options. Everyone is trapped in those high commission rates of 20% - 35%.” - Jodi Rao GM, of JSS Shanghai

Two Peas in a Pod. DiDi Snuggled next to JSS

Here's a list of restaurants that you presently can't find on other bilingual delivery platforms.

1. The Twins by Cornelia Poletto: This high-end restaurant is the creation of Cornelia Poletto, a German TV chef. Everything is good there, but the roast chicken... you’ll remember. This is a 'treat-yo-self'.

2. Nicolson’s Grill: A small place inside of “More than Eat”. This place has, hands-down, one of the best Classic Cheeseburgers in the entire city. You want a comparison... think of a restaurant in the style of In N’Out, that’s got imported grain-fed beef (juicier) that’s cheaper than Beef & Liberty. Anyone is more than welcome to toss in a tip and challenge their notion of a better Burger in Shanghai, but Nicolson's are pretty sure they're incorrect.

3. Camden Hauge’s Egg, is finally within reach. Spoil yourself with their Truffled Egg, Salmon Potato Hash Cakes, and of course Avocado Toasts . And no, its not super naughty to order extra sides of their purrfect crunchy pink-pepper corn bacon and other egg-spired faire. Warning ⚠️ the banana caramel toast is addictive.

4. Le Coq: Another high-end French Bistro that is great to make amends with your significant other, after a heated argument. It's also great for just chilling on a payday.

5. Bubba's: Ken Walker’s infamous southern BBQ joint has thankfully been reincarnated downtown, and is now within reach whenever your heart desires.

6. Totino Panino: This Italian panini shop is one of SmartShanghai’s lunch heroes. Salvatore Giammaria’s paninis enter the office in group orders, never solo.

7. The Press: Does a decent brunch selection all day long. They have a gorgeous venue in a Heritage building that’s worth visiting. But when it’s raining cats & dogs, better order!

8. The Beach House: This is another upscale option for those of you wanting a little treat on Payday. We've seen many expats there during the week having their "business drinks" on the terrace.

Here are some Vegan + Vegan-Friendly Options:

9. Green Friday: It isn't available on other bilingual platforms, and is stunted by Chinese platforms due to their limited delivery range. Nice health plant-based fare, if you wanna be good to your body after a long week of work.

10. Brewdog: Scottish brew pub that imports a nice selection of vegan items, including 4-5 creative vegan Burgers by ChefJustin.

They also have several other plant-based venue options: Duli, Topolino Pizza, Pizza Street and Lizzy's All Natural

JSS stated that they will have a few more restaurants that will be available on the platform soon: Alimentari Grande by Poppolo Group, Craig Willis’ Henkes, Bang. Cages' fans will now be able to get Jason Oakley's Americana food (their pepperoni pizza has one ingredient that makes it pop). Also, they should bring back their club sandwich. That bacon was CRISPY.

For the Full List of JSS Supported Venues

Some more background on the company:
JSS opened in Beijing in 2011. They are the largest bilingual delivery platform by order volume in that city, and have since expanded to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Helsinki and Shanghai. They are invested by Xu Xiaoping, the Chinese business mogul who both founded and acts as the Managing Partner at ZhenFund, as well as being the President of the China Angel Committee by China Securities Regulatory Committee.

Disclaimer: JSS is an advertising client of SmartShanghai