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[2017]: The New Gyms and Fitness Trends of 2017, Plus Stuff to Look Forward to

Before you get all riled up about your New Year’s resolutions let’s take some time to reflect on the shiny new gym openings of 2017 (including F45, TriFit, and more!) as well as the trends...
2017-12-20 14:04:07
The biweekly round-up of gym openings and deals for discounted fitness

Before you get all riled up about your New Year’s resolutions let’s take some time to reflect on the shiny new gym openings of 2017 (including F45, TriFit, and more!) as well as the trends: the good, the bad, and the pricey. We also asked trainers of Shanghai's fav new gyms their thoughts and feelings on a year in fitness and what they predict will be the big trends of 2018.



B101, No. 25, Lane 550 Shaanxi Nan... View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by F45

Australian gym group F45, opened its first outlet at Jiashan Market this past summer. Brought to by from the Camel group, it’s a small studio offering 45-minute circuit training session supervised by a personal trainer in groups of up to 27 (no machines, mostly free weights). Classes are 200rmb per session, or 1,688rmb per month. You can read more on the gym right here.

"I think this year brought shorter but harder training sessions for the busy person, more meditation/mindfulness classes, a growing focus on incorporating nutrition with fitness and more kombucha. For 2018 I predict there will be more nutrition/fitness challenge programs and an even larger increase of people making nutrition a priority to really see results." -Lauren Hogan, Trainer at F45

Hot Goss: 2018 will bring a second (larger) location in Jing'an, set for January

KO Basebody

1/F, 222 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near... View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by KO Basebody

Cardio boxing gym, KO Basebody opened up in June of this year. The concept is, "fight club meets night club" which it delivers via a boxing exercise set to Top 40 rap-pop playlists, with some strobe lights flashing for good measure (a drop in will cost ya 160rmb). We tested the class a few months back, read all the deets right here.

"The best part of 2017 was the variety. Running was the trend in 2016, I was so happy to see that people are trying different exercises like Boxing, Rowing, etc. I predict two major trends for 2018, there will be more of an intersection between entertainment and exercise; and fitness clubs are going to be more specialized—the one-of-everything era is gone." -Sean Huang, KO Basebody


6/F, Bldg A, 1158 Changning Lu,... View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by TriFit

TriFit is a studio gym that offers up a few classes, perhaps the most unique being their ‘Tri Ground Force’ which focuses on play. This is also the one that does 'FitCoins'. It’s 100rmb per coin, but 88rmb till January 12. Each class is one coin and by now, it's gotten to where you only get one free to start. More info on classes offered and signing up here.

"It was inspiring to see boutique gyms and workout communities popping up and rapidly gaining popularity in SH this year. In 2018, this trend will certainly continue and diverse workout communities will keep growing. Data- and science-driven training will be more personal and precise in the coming year and I also hope to see small/medium sized businesses in the fitness and lifestyle scene in SH unite and share resources." -Veta Yang, TriFit

Orangetheory Fitness

3/F, 245 Maoming Bei Lu, near... View ListingTaxi Printout


Techy-American HIIT franchise Orangetheory Fitness is opening up to the public December 22. This is the one where they monitor your heart rate as you work out. Check out the gym and pricing in our preview right here.

"My favorite SH fitness trend of 2017 was group/community workouts and events with a focus on charity, and I predict for 2018 there will be a continued and more powerful use of technology during workouts for improved personalization and efficient results." -Mike Wilder, Head Coach at OT


3/F, Taikoo Hui, 789 Nanjing Xi Lu,... View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by SpaceCycle

SpaceCycle from Taiwan is all about building their cycling, yoga, and barre classes around a good playlist. Pretty pricey unless you buy in bulk, the trial class is free, after that you’re looking at 258rmb for a drop in, packages go from 10 classes for 185rmb per class to 120 classes for 140rmb per class.

“I think the big thing in 2017 was fitness communities being formed, like FitFam, running clubs, etc. In 2018 I think we’ll see more spaces where fitness and entertainment are intertwined.” -Andrew, instructor at SpaceCycle

Dragon Space Yoga Studio

Bldg A3, Lane 800, Changde Lu, near... View ListingTaxi Printout


Photo provided by Dragon Yoga Studio

Dragon Space Yoga is a quaint studio tucked into a residential area and offers small classes so you can really work on your technique. Though there are classes for all, the focus at this studio is on pre- and postnatal care. First two classes for 300rmb, WeChat: 15000820566 to book.

“There are more unique and small studios open now and I think those small community studios will start to create more noise. People in Shanghai will have more choices to fit their personal needs for fitness. ” -Xiaohui C, Dragon Space Yoga

Honorable Mentions: Other new places to sweat that 2017 brought us... spin studio MoveM, climbing spot Park Climbing Gym, gym-gym AFit Studio, floating studio JeyDancePilates, the new Z&B Fitness on Changle Lu, and brand spankin' new Shala Yoga (more on this in the New Year).

Hopes, Dreams, and More Predictions For the Future

As workouts became more specialized in 2017, it seemed the price tags got more shocking. Like that time we accepted a little under 2,000rmb a month for membership as the norm, or when GuavaPass secretly raised their membership prices, or those yoga mats for 699rmb. And yeah, this isn't going anywhere. In 2018 there'll be even more opportunities to drop exorbitant amounts of money on fitness, like the bi-monthly yoga workshop brought to us by The Peninsula and Lululemon in 2018, at a whopping 480rmb per sess.


May 2018 bring more FitFam and more free community-based workouts. If you missed this you can read all about it right here. And here's what they think:

"From F45 to Brazilian Jiujitsu, fitness in Shanghai is so much more diverse and accessible to more people than ever before. Many are moving away from traditional gyms; group fitness classes such as the ones offered by Feel Good Fitness, Golden Gloves, MoveM and of course, FitFam, have a unique element that keeps people motivated and coming back." -Vy Vu, FitFam

And 2017 did see a lot of alternatives from restaurants with studio space like the eatery formerly known as Wheat (Chin Chin) to free Sweaty Brunches organized by TriFit to Park Box, the gym in a shipping container. But the most alternative workout award definitely goes to the Hungover Games, a new kind of sports team involving bows and arrows you can read about right here.

Cheers to the bizzare-o workouts 2018 will inevitably bring, we'll be here to help you keep up on all the fitness news and discounts.

Stay active, Shanghai.