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The 2022 Shanghai Lockdown Essentials

All the reference information and useful links you might need during lockdown.
2022-04-01 09:00:00

For the duration of the lockdown, SmSh will sticky this page to the top of our articles feed and post updates and corrections when new developments and information comes in. If you have any suggestions or would like to share new information, please contact us via the "Help" button at the bottom right.

Last updated April 26th, 5pm. Please send updates and suggestions to us here

Lockdown Dates:

  • Pudong: From 5am on March 28 to 5am on April 1. Pudong's lockdown has been lifted. Kinda.
  • Puxi: 3am on April 1 to 3am on April 5 until further notice

Important COVID Vocabulary in Chinese :

  • Lockdown: 封锁 - fēng suǒ
  • Covid: 新冠病毒 - xīn guàn bìng dú
  • Covid test: 新冠病毒核酸检测 - xīn guàn bìng dú hé suān jiǎn cè
  • Covid vaccination: 新冠疫苗 - xīn guàn yì miáo
  • Quarantine: 隔离 - gé lí
  • Central quarantine: 集中隔离 - jí zhōng gé lí
  • Fever clinic: 发热门诊 - fā rè mén zhěn

Important Contacts:

  • For medical emergencies (急诊, jí zhěn): 120
  • Fire department (火警, huǒ jǐng): 119
  • Shanghai City Hotline (政府服务热线, zhèng fǔ fú wù rè xiàn): 12345 (ext. 7)
  • Book a taxi to/from hospitals: 6258 0000
  • District specific hotlines (各区服务热线, gè qū fú wù rè xiàn): All numbers here.
  • Consulates (大使馆, dà shǐ guǎn): Click here.
  • Legal help: Browse our directory of English speaking law firms.
  • For non-life-threatening emergencies and medical situations -- pregnancies and ongoing medical treatments, for example -- you should consult with your neighborhood committee (居委会, jū wěi huì).

Mental Health and Well-Being Support:

Lifeline, has had to suspend their phone line service until further notice due to Covid restrictions. If you'd like to get in touch with them, use their online chat function via their WeChat. Search them out on WeChat at "LifelineConnect" and on the web at Someone's on the other end, daily, confidentially, and anonymously, from 10am to 10pm.

Online Health Consultancy:

My Pets Need Help:

  • Various comments online say that Shenpu Pet Hospital has a pet emergency service
  • PAW has a WeChat group were you can ask for help. They can arrange medicine for pets and help get it sent to your through Shansong . Scan this to join the group:

qr code

How To:

Getting to the Airport or to a Hospital

We have a full guide on how to fly out of Shanghai here. You can't call a Didi right now or book a taxi, so it's usually down to private transportation companies. Often phone numbers get shared in WeChat groups of private drivers, but some of them turn out to be scams, where you pay upfront and the driver never shows up.

Prices are insane, ranging in between RMB 1.5K and RMB 12K, depending on how many days in advance you book and how much time you'll need to get your PCR test done and drive to the airport.

One option we've heard good things about is Airport & Hospital Shuttle Service, an english speaking agency that works with licenced car campanies and helps find a suitable car and driver. They can organize transportion from Pudong and Puxi to the airport as well as to/from hospitals. Their number is 139 1621 8425, Mon-Sun, 9am-7pm.

When you book a driver ask if they have the 通行证 for going to Pudong.

Online Grocery Shopping:

Sending and Receiving Stuff:

  • Delivery apps Shansong and Dada are still operational and can delivery items between compounds. This is also an option if you need to bring a pet to a pet hotel.

Who Gets Sent to Quarantine:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I leave my apartment?
    No, according to this announcement , residents are asked to avoid walking to the passageway, underground garage or any outdoor area of the community. Strolling, sports activities, gathering and chatting or walking the pets are forbidden during the lockdown period.
  • Can I walk my dog?
    No, since you can't leave your apartment. Some compounds organize volunteers to help with walking dogs, contact your neighborhood committee to find out
  • Is the lockdown a public holiday?
    No, everyone is asked to work from home. Only April 5 is a public holiday (Qingming Festival).
  • Will everyone be free after the lockdown ends?
    That's very unlikely. The most likely outcome is that compounds with positive cases remain in lockdown until the compound or neighboorhood doesn't have cases -- after all the target is to get it down to zero cases. In additon to that,everyone in Shanghai is getting tested. The chances are quite high that a large number of compounds will turn up cases and have to remain closed.

What Happens If You Test Positive:

As of this writing, there is very little official information available. This is based on a few conversations we've had with people that went through the process:

  • Some people report that they've first been taken to a quarantine hotel since currently the quarantine centers have capacity issues.
  • After that, if you have no or just mild symptoms you are taken to a public quarantine center and (in theory) you get released after two negative PCR tests.
  • If you have symptoms you are sent to the quarantine ward in dedicated hospitals. We've known of at least one case where the family could stay together with their kids/babies, but there are reports online that indicate this this isn't always the case.
  • There are WeChat groups for foreigners in quarantine. You can contact SmartShanghai and we'll help you get into one of those groups.
  • Here is a list of things you should take to central quarantine.

Media to Follow for Official Announcements:

  • Follow SmartShanghai's WeChat account for important updates and useful information related to the current events in Shanghai. Search WeChat for "SmartShanghai".
  • The city of Shanghai has an english language website that publishes important news.
  • Shine is part of Shanghai Daily and the best resource in English. Subscribe to their WeChat account to get the most important updates in English. Search WeChat for "Shine".
  • Our city government also runs a WeChat account that publishes information several times a day. Just use the built in WeChat translation tool for English. Search WeChat for 上海发布.
  • The Shanghai Foreign Affairs office publishes important news once a day, in English, Japanese, French and Korean. Search WeChat for: 上海外事.


Information on road closures and public transportation during the Pudong lockdown is righthere. For the Puxi side, the information is here.

What Should I Do With My Expired Visa?

The China Entry-Exit offices only have one hotline dealing with all inquiries and currently they have one location open (on Minsheng Lu) if you manage to settle an appointment. The reason must be solid -- a real emergency, for example, if someone's relative has passed away and they need to fly out immediately, or if you are a student having to take off for the semester etc. In this case, there will be some emergency staff on-hand and give you a green light. If you have such inquiries, call 12367 for more information. Staff will review your situation and reply to you to make an appointment.

"If your appointment is settled, please bring your materials and proofs for the application of permits to our administration on the appointed day. Please wear masks appropriately and ensure your personal protection upon arrival at our certificateissuance hall at No. 1500 Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area. Please present your Suishen Health Code, Travel History Code, and negative report of PCR test taken within 24 hoursto our staff and cooperate with the on-site body temperature check and other order maintenance measures."