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SmartShanghai Is Looking for Contributors and Freelancers!

It's open season for writers at down at SmSh...
2024-04-01 14:00:00

Can you write? But we mean really, really write? Do you know a lot about... art? Galleries, exhibitions, the theater, stage shows and music? How about the latest happenings in the F&B scene? Interesting urban developments? Legal stuff, like visas and working as a foreigner in China? Tech? Innovation? Entrepreneurship? Okay, here's one, we'll softball it to you: do you know a lot about different things in Shanghai?

Freelance Editors

Send us pitches for stories you want to write, samples of your past writing, and a short bio of yourself, telling us why we should jump into bed with you for the foreseeable future! Rates are above-average — double, really — we will make this worth your while. We want ideas about Community pieces, Health pieces, Education pieces, Nightlife pieces, Offbeat ideas, and travel ideas — pick your finest ideas and send them our way.

Interested. Reach out with a pitch, a few writing samples and your bio to

City Scouts

Hey! Do you like exploring Shanghai? Would... you like to get paid a ‘lil something while you do it?

Are you a SmSh user living your life out there in the city? Going to restaurants and things? Exploring your neighborhood and all its hidden charms and such? Have you come across something we've got wrong in our listings database?

Interested? Read here how to become a SmartShanghai City Scout.

Essential Guide Editors

We are working on a few larger articles covering various topics in-depth, and we are looking for freelance editors that can help us work on those. These are project-based kind of jobs and we are looking for writers that are deeply involved and have a wealth of knowledge in a certain community or topic. Here's the list of Essential Guides we'll be publishing this year:

  • Guide to Pregnancy in Shanghai - We are looking for a mum (or dad) who's had a child in Shanghai and can help us compile a useful guide on everything from A-Z including prenatal, postnatal, where to give birth, legal aspects.
  • The 2024 Shanghai Education Guide - We are looking for parents that can help us work on a few essential guides covering everything from Early Education to High schools in Shanghai. Get in touch with us if you have kids in a Kindergarten or school in Shanghai, have extensive experience of the market and would like to share that with us.
  • The 2024 Interior Design and Furnishing Guide - We are looking for an interior designer who knows the shops and markets around town for interior design and furnishing.
  • The 2024 LGBTQ Shanghai Essential Guide - Our latest LGBTQ guide is three years old now and we need help updating it. Lots has happened since then. Take a look, and if you think you are the right person to update it, reach out.
  • The 2024 Essential Guides to having Pets in Shanghai - This one will cover everything from how to bring pets into China, where to go for grooming, vets, what to do when your pet runs away and more. You have a pet in Shanghai and are good at doing research, plus you can write. Reach out to us.

For all of those, please reach out to


Love, SmSh.