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Venue Owners: Submit Your Weekly Specials, Lunch Deals, Happy Hours, Events, Everything

Get the word out about all the great stuff you've got going on, completely for freeeeeee
2023-08-15 12:00:00

Restaurant owners, bar managers, industry folk all and sundry, if you're looking for a little free exposure for your specials, events, and promotions, cordially invites you to submit the details of what you've got going on to us over our website and/or our newly redesigned app.

Our listings are free. No currency needs to exchange hands. No guanxi relied upon. No backroom baijiu-fueled KTV bonanzas need to transpire.

(Unless you want. Hey, we're down.)

If you've newly opened a venue in Shanghai, or if you've been in the game for a while but haven't had the chance to explore the option, take a bit of time to submit your info to us. Restaurant deals (and lots of other ones) show up in the "Deals" section of our app. Same for events. And these sections are viewed by thousands of our users.

Also, hey, if you've got something truly great going on, we'll include you in our frequent events and deals roundup, which reach even more eyeballs.

Download the New App and List Your Promotions Free of Charge

Once again, this is a free thing!

Quick and easy marketing. The best kind...

1) Download the brand new SmSh app from your favorite app store (or update it if you had it before) and sign into your account (or register a new one if you're new).

2) Find your venue through the search bar.

3) Click the "More" button.

4) That brings you to a page on which you can submit all sorts of stuff to us.

And from there you just fill in the fields. The whole process should only take a few minutes and you can do it right from your phone. Neat.

Oh, and if you're a MiniProgram person, you can do basically the same thing on the SmSh MiniProgram so check that out as well if you want.