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SmartShanghai is Hiring: Editors & Property Admins

Like the universe, SmartShanghai is ever expanding.
2024-05-06 08:00:00 is hiring for a few positions on the factory line in our industrial media foundry, wherein we build the city's best English-language editorial content and most useful listings directories and classifieds — very humbly speaking, of course.

You'll join a small crew for a full-time role creating and managing editorial content, researching and producing articles, managing listings and massaging relationships for's front page and directories.

Managing Editor

SmartShanghai is seeking a native English Editor to join our team in Shanghai as the Managing Editor. The job involves website administrative duties, writing and editing editorial content, and maintaining professional ties to the related professional community in Shanghai. The ideal candidate is someone with a professional background in writing and editing and a few years in Shanghai under their belt. It would help if you had a bulging contact book and a head full of ideas.

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Freelance Editors

Can you write? But we mean really, really write? Do you know a lot about... art? Galleries, exhibitions, the theater, stage shows and music? How about the latest happenings in the F&B scene? Interesting urban developments? Legal stuff, like visas and working as a foreigner in China? Tech? Innovation? Entrepreneurship? Okay, here's one, we'll softball it to you: do you know a lot about different things in Shanghai?

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Property Managing

The Property Administrator role at SmartShanghai is one of the most important roles in our business. With over 10,000 listings posted every month from private individuals and over 200 agency partners, our English Language property directory is the largest in China. To support our growth, we are seeking an experienced property agent to join our team for a full-time administrative and sales position.

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