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Earn Points, Get Rewards, Live Your Best Life with the NEW SmartShanghai App

Get some great free stuff by using the new SmSh App!
2022-07-24 12:00:00

Hello, valued user!

We're super excited to announce the latest version of the App, the best city guide you'll ever need right on your damn mobile phone. It's bigger, better, more streamlined, nicer, snazzier, more user-friendly, and now, more than ever before, more social.

Yes, more "social".

What we mean by that is, now, with the new SmSh App, users are invited to contribute by submitting content like events listings and deals, share recommendations of favorite restaurants or bars, upload pictures and menus, upload Housing and Buy&Sell posts, report errors in our database, recommend services, and let us know about cool new stuff, among other things, right into the SmSh App.

Basically, we're inviting you to interact with the SmartShanghai app, with the thinking that your own experience of Shanghai — your own favorite places to go, your own favorite things to do, and your own life out there in the city — is important, useful, and valuable. So we'd like to hear from you as much as you'd like over the platform.

But yeah, of course, we'll give you free stuff if you do.

Use the app, earn points, get awesome free stuff

If you are browsing on the web or using our MiniProgram, please download our free iOS or Android app. Sign in with your account (or register one) and start collecting points right away. The more you use and interact with the SmSh App, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more prizes and vouchers you can redeem.

Click the "Create" button at the bottom to start creating and sharing content on our app.

Let's talk about the awesome free stuff you can get

For SmSh App users that earn enough points, we're giving away free passes for events and concerts, vouchers for spa and beauty treatments, free products and swag, freebies at restaurants and tastings, and a bunch of other stuff — with the total valued at over RMB 10,000 per month.

To see what's available, in the SmSh App, click on your account icon and then click "Redeem Vouchers".

We'll constantly be uploading new items as well, so you'll want to check back often.

Earn your official KOL status

The more you use the SmSh App, the more points you'll earn. The more points you earn, the more prizes and vouchers you can redeem. The more points you earn, the higher your SmartShanghai user status gets.

We've arranged points earners into categories, with higher-status users open to even more free stuff, benefits, and exclusives. Start at the ground level — Freshest Off the Boat — and work your way up to Official Shanghai KOL to access more swag. Some types of vouchers and prizes are only accessible to users of higher status. "Shanghai NewB" status, for example, nets you an invite to our monthly SmartShanghai free-flow happy hour party. Higher-status users get cold hard cash vouchers directly.

How to Earn Points

It's really simple and there are tons of ways to get points, just by taking a minute to interact with the SmSh App.

Write a Recommendation

Eaten anywhere good recently? Found a nice park? Enjoyed an art exhibition and want to share it? Used a good service that others might find helpful? Go ahead and share it with the SmartShanghai community to earn up to 30 points for each recommendation. Simply click the "Share a Recommendation" button in the app

Upload Venue Pictures

We run a pretty large directory of the city, but with so many venues and businesses opening and closing, we can't keep up without your help. If you find a venue listing on SmartShanghai without photos, pull out your phone, take a few photos, and upload them to earn points. We're rewarding one point per photo and five points if you are the first one to snap some pictures.

Report A Mistake

Help up out by telling us if the information in our app is wrong or outdated. Whenever you discover something wrong in a venue or event listing, click the "Fix Errors" button and we'll award you 10 points for each mistake that you report.

Share Events and Deals with Us

Found a good happy hour deal, or lunch deal, or hear about a good event that we are missing on our events listing? Take a photo or upload a flyer through the SmSh App and we'll reward you with 5-10 points, depending on the type of content.

Upload a Menu

In our venue and events listings, we also publish restaurant menus. If you see that we're missing one, pull out your phone, take a photo of the menu in the restaurant you are eating at, upload them on the SmSh App, and earn points.

Create a Post on SmSh's Housing and Buy&Sell Listings

You now also earn points for listing apartments on SmartShanghai Housing and for selling second-hand stuff through SmSh's Buy&Sell. Points vary a bit in the 5-10 points range depending on what you list. Additionally, you can earn another 20 points when you share your listing on your Moments or in WeChat groups.

Buy Tickets on SmartTicket

Head over to the "What's ON" section of our app to see which shows we are currently selling tickets for. If you purchase your tickets through the SmSh App, we'll give you points for that too.


Will my points expire?

Points never expire, you can redeem them for vouchers for as long as you and SmartShanghai exist. Your user status, however, is calculated based on how many points you have earned in the past 60 days. If you stop earning points, your status will go down again.

Can I earn points for something I've posted through the Website or MiniProgram?

Sorry, points are only available to those using our app. It's free to download and generally more convenient to use - you'll never have to sign in again and can make use of features (such as push notifications when you receive new messages) that are only available in an app.