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The SmartShanghai App Is Updated, Much Better, Available Right Now

Get the latest version of our popular city navigating and directory listings app
2022-03-09 12:00:00

Hello, smart phone users and Shanghai navigators. We've just launched the long-awaited update to our iOS and Android App. If you have the automatic updates setting turned on then you should have it installed already. Good job! Otherwise, we invite you to go get the new version of the SmartShanghai app your store on your iOS or Android phone.

For Android users that have manually downloaded the APK file, you can find the latest file right here.

What's New?

In the previous version, the app would save our entire listings database on your phone so that you could access all our listings offline, without an internet connection. While this was a really useful feature 10 years ago, it often lead to users having an outdated data set on their phone. That's now history. These days, you're bascially never without an internet connection. Our app, therefore, now always accesses all listings in real-time from our server, so you always get the latest, up-to-the-second information.

In addition to that, the search function has now also been upgraded to use the same smart-search that we are using on our site.

You can find any listing in our directory by just typing the name...

OR if you can't remember the name, start typing the district, feature, or address...

And the smart-search function will give you the results you are looking for.

You can also access our entire directory directly from the search.

The search now also finds events, deals and activities, and articles.

We've Also Fixed WeChat Sharing

Another really nice new feature of our app is that you can share venue listings directly to WeChat.

So, there you go. The SmartShanghai app: updated, way more user friendly, and always outfitted with the latest data information. Head to your app store to get the free update... right now!