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2014: The F&B Memorial Reel

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. A look at some of Shanghai's biggest F&B casualties in 2014. Gone but not forgotten, for the next few months, at least.
Dec 24, 2014 | 17:15 Wed

Glamour Bar

Opened July 2006, closed December 2014

If you could get over the fact that you were drinking in a place that called itself "Glamour" with a straight face, this was a solid Bund destination. Glamour was the kind of place you went to when you wanted to pretend you were an adult. Drinks were always expertly done. Service was usually all smiles. The Bund truly suffered a loss with this closure. Whatever next tenant that can afford the rent in this place has some big shoes to fill.

Shiva Lounge

Opened June 2010, closed August 2014

If you remember anything that happened at Shiva, you were showing up too early. For the rest of you, here is how every night you spent at this after-hours lounge transpired:
Nnn tttsss, Nnn tttsss, Nnn tttsss. "Let's go the the restroom."
Nnn tttsss, Nnn tttsss, Nnn tttsss.
"Sniiiiiiffffff!!!!" Nnn tttsss, Nnn tttsss, Nnn tttsss. "Holy fuck! When did the sun come out?!"…"Hashish?"…"Marijuana,?" …"massage-y?"

….Yeah. You didn't miss so much.

No. 88

Opened April 2009, closed February 2014

Another tragic loss for Shanghai. There really was no other place in town to go if you you wanted to get ear-fucked by EDM hits from four years ago before getting assaulted by surly locals. You will be missed, 88.


Opened July 2010, closed December 2014

Dakota had a strong start, with a decent burger and a competitive happy hour, but before long, it simply became that place you walked through to get to Monkey Champagne. A radical transformation from a bistro to a glorified snack bar, where apathetic staff served almost nothing but fryolated foods was its ultimate downfall.


Opened September 2013, closed June 2014

Restaurants like Samfaina are God's way of telling investors that they have too much money. This is what happens when you refit a TCM clinic with a three-floor kitchen and then give your chef carte blanche with high-tech molecular cooking equipment and let him write a menu that features not one, but 10 tartares.


Opened March 2008, closed January 2014

Once a destination restaurant helmed by Chef Enzo Carbone, Issimo slowly suffered benign neglect. Finally it was quietly killed and turned into JIA Hotel's continental breakfast counter. A sad loss, to be sure. Thankfully, what made it good still lives on at Carbone's more recent project, Capo.

The Geisha

Opened October 2011, closed August 2014

Collective Concepts' had a great concept in The Apartment, which is why it still stands today. But an overly ambitious expansionist policy brought us places like The Food Central and later the Geisha. TFC fell by the wayside at the beginning of 2013. Geisha held out until this year, but was forced to commit seppuku this July.

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