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Undertake a Journey of the Senses at Genesis Studio Shanghai


Art, fashion, fine Korean cuisine, and memorable moments — the unique Genesis Experience all in one place.

By SmSh
2022-07-23 10:00:00

  • Introducing Genesis Studio Shanghai

    Introducing Genesis Studio Shanghai

    From one of the world’s top rated luxury automobile brands, Korean purveyors in serious and sumptuously sleek metal and leather Genesis comes Genesis Studio Shanghai, a luxury lifestyle oasis for the following: people who like to eat and drink really spectacularly; people who enjoy attending haute fashion and cultural events; and people who just generally very much appreciate basking in memorable and lasting hospitality experiences. 

    That’s basically everyone. Or it should be.  

    If it’s not you, take a good hard look at your priorities because you need to fix them! 

  • Living for the Experience

    Living for the Experience

    The Genesis Studio Shanghai concept revolves around creating experiences — the Experience, rather — which is enjoying and partaking in art, fashion, fine dining, beautiful things, and dizzying modern life as a composite styled encounter. Their audience is the savvy, new class of Chinese consumers — those who crave something serendipitous and culturally enriching even when they’re just browsing around on a lazy weekend. The ambition is to create an experience for guests that is more than the sum of its parts. Eat and drink well. Enjoy art, literature, music, fashion, and culture. Indulge in the interconnectedness of all these things. Experience a life being lived really thoughtfully and really well. 

    (And if you’re lucky, sit back and enjoy a surprise ride home in a Genesis!) 

    Cognisant of this city’s position as the fashion capital of China, the events programming at Genesis Studio Shanghai makes direct inroads into this city’s robust and active fashion and design community. More on that below. 

  • Those Who Know, Know to Go to the Restaurant

    Those Who Know, Know to Go to the Restaurant

    So, the luxury automobile showroom is on the first floor of Genesis Studio Shanghai. Housed therein is sundry sedans and sports utility vehicles, recipients as they are of numerous third party awards like North American Car of the Year and J.D. Powers’ Best Luxury Brand four years in a row. That’s all well and good.  

    After checking out the cars, you’re going to want to head to the second floor for the Genesis Restaurant though, which is managing to be probably one of the most exciting addition to Shanghai’s Korean dining scene in recent and distant memory. Coming to us under the guidance of the Muse Group (The Nest, The Cannery, Highline, scads more), the Head Chef is Korean transplant Tom Ryu, of Belloco Group, creator and owner of Jeju Izakaya, mention of which, of course must be followed up with: 'It’s impossible to get a table there!'

    Ryu’s bringing that exclusive fine dining energy and filtering it through a Genesis flavor. 

  • The Destination of the Journey

    The Destination of the Journey

    Genesis Restaurant trades in understated and inviting elegance. Simple designs in industrial materials, wood, concrete, and rust create a subtle stage for the bold and ambitious Korean flavors served within. A well appointed and welcoming bar sides a central dining area. It’s all relaxed but finely wrought vibes, ideal for casual groups and intimate dinners.   

    (It’s a nice place is what we’re saying.)


  • A Cultural Exploration of the Past, Present, and Future of Korean Cuisine

    A Cultural Exploration of the Past, Present, and Future of Korean Cuisine

    Ordering is available a la carte but to really do it up right you’ll be getting one of the two set menus available — and then going back and getting the other one as well. They’re both five courses and a dessert, priced at 588rmb per person. One set menu comes from Chef Tom Ryu and features his new inventions and explorations into the terrain of modern Korean. The other comes from Onjium, a Michelin one-star in Korea and at the Genesis House in New York. Onjium is both a restaurant and a full-on “culinary institute” that specializes in modern spins on centuries old “Korean Royal Cuisine”. They’re even recognized by the Korean government as one of only a handful of practicing “protectors” of the artform, serving recipes, as they do, that can be traced back to the 1300s.  

    So that’s interesting. 

    The two approaches and set menus combine to offer an expansive view of Korean fine dining — one that begs guests to undertake an exploration of the past, present, and future of Korean cuisine.

  • Meet the Chef

    Meet the Chef

    Genesis Restaurant serves Korean cusine that respects where it came from and boldly embraces the possibilities of the future. At the helm is Chef Tom Ryu, owner and Head Chef of Jeju Izakaya, one of the top Korean restaurants in Shanghai. Ryu is at the vanguard of the next generation of Shanghai-based in-demand chefs. Straddling two cultures, Ryu has a deep understanding of both Korean and Chinese cuisines. Through his dishes, he aims to preserve the original flavors of Korean cuisine while adding a new dimension through different flavors, forward-thinking cooking techniques, and refined presentations.

  • A Note from the Chef

    A Note from the Chef

    We asked Tom to spin some hard-won kitchen wisdom for us. 

    “I don’t believe in just reinventing. I believe in the power of an ingredient’s natural flavor. At the end of the day, it’s a fine line to balance innovation and staying true to the original taste and ingredients.” – Chef Tom Ryu

    Yup. That’s perfect! 

  • Flavors of the Past: “The Inspiration Set”

    Flavors of the Past: “The Inspiration Set”

    Utilizing recipes from centuries old Korean Royal Cuisine, the Inspiration Set from the Onjium culinary institute is characterized by freshness and diversity. Highlights include an “Insam Galbitang” — a short rib soup that can be traced back 800 years — and the “Yeongyae Jjim” a braised chicken dish that was enjoyed by the nobility class in Korea in the 17th century. Flavors and delicasies of the past translated into the modern age. 

  • Modern Elements: The “Ingenuity Set”

    Modern Elements: The “Ingenuity Set”

    Bringing us to the contemporary and the beyond is Chef Tom’s Ingenuity Set, which brings both a Western and Chinese influence to the proceedings, both in technique and ingredients, while at the same time maintains a steady reverence for Korean tradition and heritage. Highlights in the six-course series include the “Nokdu Chicken Juk”, a blend of mung bean congee, pistachio, caviar, and grilled chicken; the “Yangnyeom Sogalbi”, a marinated short rib with celery mashed potato; and the “Jeonbuk Bibimbap”, a rendition of the classic Korean staple concocted with abalone and clam soup rice.  

  • A la Carte Signatures: The Tofu Burrata

    A la Carte Signatures: The Tofu Burrata

    A few of the must-tries: the Tofu Burrata.  A unique twist on traditional burrata, this dish is a delightful concoction of Stracciatella cheese, tofu and sesame oil — tastefully served with a special touch of kimchi tomatoes.

  • A la Carte Signatures: Deep Fried Oysters

    A la Carte Signatures: Deep Fried Oysters

    Korea is well known for growing oysters (gul) and Koreans’ love for oysters is reflected in a number of recipes. The crispy deep-fried gul are a powerfully rich experience, paired with pollack roe from Busan – the famous seaport of Korea. 

  • A la Carte Signatures: Halibut Chojang Noodles

    A la Carte Signatures: Halibut Chojang Noodles

    One of Chef Tom’s favorites: The gochujang (sweet red pepper paste sauce) marinated halibut and perilla leaves, with cold noodles. 

  • And the Libations...

    And the Libations...

    A suggestion: Start off with their exclusive cocktail menu... and then continue to revisit said cocktail menu as frequently as desired. Guests can enjoy a tailor-made selection which features house-made Korean-inspired infusions. Expect brisk and bright flavors and lots of vartiety. On the menu are playful Korean twists on classics — Yujacka Mule, Gum Gui Martini, Pisco Plum & Disco — from the head drinks man of Muse Group, Michael Chen.  

    It’s wise to always listen to your bartender: 

    “I find my inspiration for cocktails through different cultures, flavors, and lifestyles. I like blending different traditional ingredients with modern techniques to create unique quality drinks.” – Michael Chen

  • Out on the Catwalk

    Out on the Catwalk

    At the heart of Genesis Studio Shanghai is the ambition to extend a guest experience into art, design and luxury lifestyle by hosting regular events across a variety of canvases. One of their key collaborations is with Shanghai Fashion Week, for which they serve as an events space and social hub.

    Markus Henne, CEO of Genesis Motor China explains:

    Genesis is more than an automotive brand — we represent a lifestyle. Our collaboration with Shanghai Fashion Week is a testament to our uncompromising design and aesthetic ambition with the love for beautiful things. Through our continuous partnership with Shanghai Fashion Week, we will be able to cultivate in-depth explorations of progressive luxury through the intersection of art, design and lifestyle.”

  • Always Getting Creative

    Always Getting Creative

    Genesis hosts regular lifestyle events across a variety of mediums, such as the Creative Night, which recently included a fashion runway show and a Live Laser Graffiti Art Show with cutting-edge artists. The Studio hosted a fashion show with designs from Mr. Chen Peng, who recently produced costumes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony. 

    Delivering lifestyle experiences is an ongoing pursuit for Genesis, and the brand has been curating regular activities attended by, and featuring, an assortment of exciting Shanghai and China creatives.

  • Inspiration and Memories...

    Inspiration and Memories...

    A unique destination in this city, Genesis Studio Shanghai celebrates art, fashion, design, and gastronomy to share inspiration, stimulate the senses, and create memorable moments.  If you’re looking for a memorable moment — perhaps through a multidimensional encounter with modern and classic Korean cuisine, or an inspiring fashion show or creative event, or even just a interesting drink in a elegant and welcoming environment — stop by and stop by often.     

    Look for extended operation hours as they get back up and running after the lockdown.  They’re looking at launching afternoon tea and Korea brunch later on this summer. 

    Who’s driving? 


    Genesis Restaurant is located at 2/F, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu. All details here.